How to Get New NICOP Card?

contacting NADRA Card Center, overseas Pakistanis can apply for New NICOP from the comfort of their own homes. Your NICOP will arrive in 5-7 working days. Simply fill out the form; there is no need to wait in line or do any paperwork. We’ll handle your application processing. Be careful to submit the documents that we requested from you in an acceptable way. Our representative will complete the paperwork on your behalf and you’ll obtain your NICOP at your doorstep within just the blink of an eye.

Note: The parent’s and spouse’s NADRA Cards must be current in order to process any sort of Apply for NADRA Card Renewal. If it has already expired, you must first request a renewal. The card will be canceled first if any of the above-said relatives have passed away or have expired. The death certificate is required in order to cancel the deceased parent or spouse’s NADRA CARD.

Required Documents:

You must submit us with a few necessary documents, which are listed below, in order for us to finish processing your paperwork;

  • A non-expired photocopy of a foreign or Pakistani passport (front page)
  • Birth certificate
  • Parent’s or sibling’s NADRA Card Copies
  • Latest Passport Size Picture
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Please provide your residence card if you have a Pakistani passport.

NADRA’s Delivery Information:

New NICOP Delivery and processing times are determined by the application category you choose. After the case officer grants it the usual category’s approval, the NICOP Card is delivered in roughly 31 days. Fast categories typically take 23 working days to deliver NICOP after submission. Within 7 to 10 business days of submission, urgent NICOP is sent to your door.

NADRA Reliable Services:

The NADRA Card Center does a great job of responding to all of your issues. We will help you get through difficult moments because giving you the best services is our only responsibility. Whether you need a NADRA Card UK, your card has been stolen, you lost it someplace, or you need any other services from us, we will do it. For Pakistanis who reside abroad, NADRA Card Center is a service provider. For offering efficient and trustworthy document services, NADRA Card Center is demanding. A competent and reliable website for managing, executing, and delivering services for online NICOP applications is NADRA Card Center. We must say that working with our team will be a wonderful experience for you. We can easily create your New NADRA Card. Ensure that your NADRA Card has a 10-year validity period.

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