How To Get The Best Violin Bow: Tips & Tricks

A violin bow comprise of a stick as well as authentic horse hair coated in rosin used to play the violin. The stick moves across the violin strings above the fingerboard of the violin to create sound. The movement of the bow creates lots of vibration, which causes the instrument to produce tone. The bow is an essential part of a violin. Here are some tips on choosing the best bow for your instrument. You should also know how to adjust the bow for the best sound quality properly.

Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings says that you should know that each instrument has a different range if you’re considering purchasing a new violin bow. To start off, you should buy a bow that matches your playing style. If you’re just beginning to play the violin, buy a bow that is slightly above the level you are  at right now. This way, you’ll be able to make adjustments as you learn more about the instrument. You can also buy a second carbon fibre bow if you prefer, so as to experiment to produce different tone quality. A carbon fibre bow is not likely to break with heavy practice, although I have had your students who use the bow as a sword in child play and broke their carbon fibre bow !

The wood used to make a bow is either hand crafted or run through a machine to produce the lower factory range ones. At both ends of the stick you will find the horse tail hair. This is hand added on. It’s essential to know that there are different materials for the stick to prevent slipping. You can choose between Pernambuco, Brazilwood, or carbon fiber. A good quality violin bow is made from high-quality wood. Buying one made from Pernambuco is essential for the best sound quality and performance.

How is the Perfect Violin Bow Made?

Hide glue is a material extracted from the core of a tree. The hide glue is gelatinous and can be applied to the bow without losing its adhesive properties. Because it’s a natural product, hide glue is the best option for making a bow. It’s also solid and durable and will not damage the instrument. An excellent violin bow should feel like an extension of your right hand. 

A good bow should be comfortable and easy to use. It should also suit your instrument. It should bring out the best possible sound. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to choose a bow that will fit your needs. You’ll want a bow that will not only look good on your instrument but will last a long time. You should always choose a bow that suits your playing style and budget. It’s essential to choose a violin that matches your personality and fits its size and weight.

Bows can be very expensive. You can buy inexpensive, high-quality bows from your local violin shops. Nevertheless, a professional violin bow will cost you more than a hundred dollars. You can also get an affordable violin bow if you’re a beginner. You can opt for a custom-made one if you’re already a professional. It’s more suitable if you prefer an older one. But you should always consider the size of your violin strings before making the purchase.

How Can You Choose The Best Violin Bow?

Choosing the right violin bow for your instrument depends on your playing style. Horsehair violin bows are more flexible than their modern counterparts, lacking clarity. On the other hand, a stiff violin bow can produce a dull sound. So, it’s essential to choose a bow that suits your instrument. If you are an experienced violinist, you should use a high-quality violin bow that will last for many years. This will ensure you have a high-quality bow.

Before buying a violin bow, you should know the differences between the types of bows. It’s better to select a high-quality violin bow and a lower price. The violin bow is an essential part of the instrument, and it is crucial to be chosen carefully. 


You can buy a violin bow for your instrument based on the type of wood it’s made of. The material that is used is also essential. This is because the violin bow is significant for the instrument’s sound. A violin with suitable wood will improve the sound of your instrument. It will also prevent your instrument from bending when you are playing. The bow must be solid and flexible. A high-quality bow will increase the quality of your performance and last for a long time.

If you want to purchase either a violin bow or a cello bow, Stradivari Strings is the place you have to be! You would have access to many accessories for your instrument from here, be it for a beginner or a professional violinist.

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