How to hack into someone’s phone remotely

When you think of hacking a phone, you would think of someone plugging the phone into a computer and writing some code to hack into it, but in reality, there are a lot of methods to hack a phone remotely without even touching it. Some of these methods are very easy to perform and barely inconvenient. Other methods take effort and are hard enough to be achievable by yourself so hiring a hacker gets necessary in certain methods. There can be several reasons you would want to hack someone’s phone, and there are many ways to do it. Movies make hacking seem like both an impossible and an easy task to do as the characters portrayed hack something in minutes by just pressing some buttons, but they also have several computers and tech with them, which makes it look like a super hard job to do. Fortunately, there are several methods to hack in real life, and few of them are surprisingly quite easy. 

Hiring a hacker

If you’re too lazy to do the hacking yourself, you can always hire a hacker to do the job for you, but that doesn’t mean this will be easy. Hiring a hacker is risky unless the website you’re hiring from is legitimate and genuine and has a list of hackers that each has their reviews and experiences written by people who previously worked with them. 

The hacker should have the necessary hacking expertise to perform the job without complications. The hacker should also be trustworthy so remember to check reviews and ratings of any hacker you hire. A trustworthy and experienced hacker will easily remotely hack the phone of anyone you want at a price. 


  • If the hacker is not experienced enough, he could fail at hacking the phone, and there’ll be a high chance that the person you told him to hack would know that someone was trying to hack them. So, a professional hacker is necessary if you want to hire someone.
  • If a hacker is not trustworthy to his clients, then there’s a chance that the hacker will hack you instead and steal your information, too, as well as whoever you were trying to hack. So, hiring a trusted hacker that is trustworthy according to various sources is also important.

Spy apps

Spyware apps are simply apps that can hack any phone you want for you. No need to hire a hacker to hack someone or learn about how hacking works. Spy apps can do hacking easily and effortlessly. You’ll only have to install the app on the target phone once you’re ready to spy on them from wherever you are. 

Nova spy

There are several apps to choose from when it comes to spyware apps, but Nova spy is considerably the most useful, effortless, cheaper, fastest, stealthiest spyware app there is. Nova spy has several useful features so you can see everything that happens on anyone’s phone, and that person will not have the slightest clue about how much of their information you can see.

Social media apps

Nova spy can hack all types of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat and all other social media apps used for socializing. Nova spy gives you complete access to all of these apps. It shows you all the posts the person shares, whatever they like and comment on, whoever they talk to on these apps, including all conversations with the people they talk to. Nova spy can not only give you access to all of these apps, but it also gives you access to their messenger. You can see text conversations from Facebook Messenger, Instagram messages, Twitter messages, Snapchat messages.

All the texts from both the person sending and the person receiving will be visible to you, plus any media such as audio files, pictures, videos, and any document files shared between either the two people in a conversation will also be visible to you.

Contact details 

Nova spy gives you complete access to the person’s contacts saved in their phone. All of their contact information, call logs, everything will be visible to you. You can see who they called, how long each call was, the contact names, nicknames, numbers and alternate numbers. Everything is visible with the help of Nova spy. 

With this useful feature, you can check on your loved ones and see who they talk to when you’re not around, and if you have kids, you can make sure your kids aren’t talking to anyone suspicious.

Notes and documents

With Nova spy, you can see all the private information and data like notes and documents saved in the person’s phone. People write valuable information in their notes, and some are saved separately. With Nova spy, you can see both their notes and the extra private ones. With notes, you can see passwords for different websites and accounts. 


Nova spy gives you access to the person’s gallery as well. You can see their pictures, videos and any other media available on their phone. Their private media is even visible to you with the help of Nova spy. This feature is useful if you have kids and want to know what type of media they keep on their phones and any received or sent media.

GPS tracker

Nova spy can show you the live location of anyone you’re hacking. It shows you where the person currently is located and all the other locations they have previously been to. This GPS tracking feature is important if you want to know where your loved ones are going or if you’re suspicious of someone’s whereabouts, it will help you with that. 


Hacking a phone can be simple, and it can also be hard. The best possible method to hack a phone remotely without physical access or the person knowing is by using a spyware app, preferably Nova phone spying app, which is affordable and has several features to hack into someone’s phone with ease easily remotely.

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