How to maintain your headband wigs, a beginner’s guide

Wig maintenance has always been required to maintain the wig in perfect shape. The wig shouldn’t last long if it is not properly cared for. The headband wigs seem to be no different. This also necessitates supervision in order to be properly maintained.

As a result, when you’re using a headband wig, you should be aware of how to care for it. You can keep this wig in good condition by following a few simple steps. We’ll go over how to care for the headband wigs in this article. Hopefully, this will be of assistance to you.

Table of contents

  1. Make certain that you are using high-quality products
  2. The best location for drying
  3. Wigs must be stored in a secure place
  4. Hair must be washed
  5. Go see your stylist
  6. Between usage, maintain the wig covered as well as upright
  7. You mustn’t sleep and shower while wearing your wig


1. Make  that you are using high-quality products

When not wearing the headband wig, you can use hair care oils to keep them moisturised as well as smooth, and to maintain their shape.

2. The best location for drying

When air-drying such a wig, limit exposure of it to sunlight, especially during the summer. The best way to dry such a wig is in a cool environment . If you want to maintain your u part wig properly, then you should also follow this approach.

3. Wigs must be stored in a secure place

After that, lay this wig on the wig holder or maybe on the mannequin’s head to help it retain its shape.

Remove the wig prior to actually showering as well as sleeping to decrease curling and knotting induced through random friction.

Wearing wig inside the pool and staying out of direct sunlight must be avoided since chemicals in the pool may irreparably harm your wig. If you own closure wigs, then you should also avoid using it while you are in a pool.

You must keep the wig in the bedroom closet to protect it from anything which may harm it. When going to travel with the wigs, you could still keep this in shape by using a freezer storage bag or even the locked container. You can also adopt this approach for maintenance of any glueless wigs.

4. Hair must be washed

Real hair as well as wigs both must be washed. Washing of wig could assist you in keeping oil and grime at bay, allowing your wig to remain clean.

You can accomplish it through washing the wig frequently, but you should never over-washing it. It might lead into hair loss as well as a significant decrease in quality of wig. It is recommended that the wig be washed every 6 to 8 days. You should thoroughly detangle the wig before washing it.

5. Go see your stylist

The procedure of styling wigs differs greatly from that of style real hair. Your hairdresser must be happy to provide you with certain pointers on how to style the wig without destroying it.

More significantly, when you trim your wig incorrectly, this will be ruined forever. Your hairstylist attended school and learn how to trim human as well as wig hairs, therefore she is far less likely to make errors!

When purchasing the wig, it is advisable to consult with your hairdresser. Different wigs are styled differently, therefore it’s important to obtain assistance for every one.

  1. Between usage, maintain the wig covered as well as upright

When not using your wig, ensure that this is properly preserved. Store the wig in a cold place. When you just remember one thing from this article, its always been that heat plus wigs are really a bad mix.

This is also a great idea to have a little humidifier inside the area where your wigs are stored, particularly when you live into a dry region. The humidifier will protect the wig from becoming dry.

  1. You mustn’t sleep and shower while wearing your wig

We’ve already discussed how to care for your headband wigs to preserve it in good working order. Now let’s talk about what you really should not be doing. In this portion, we’ll discuss two stuff you should avoid if you want to keep your wig in good condition. Wearing a wig when sleeping or taking a shower is never a wise idea.

It is just too simple to come home from work and fall asleep just on the couch. It will  not cause any direct harm. Nevertheless, tossing and turning throughout the night, can cause significant harm to your wig as well as individual hairs. Just when you wake up with such a dried, knotted mess, you will realize that how much you have messed up. You really shouldn’t make the error of learning such a lesson the hard way.

Instead, tuck your wig away during the night. If you really do not strictly adhere to all this advice, your wig may last less time, you may wake up with hairs on your pillow, and you may experience hair loss.

Furthermore, your scalp appears to require breathing at some point. As a result, storing the wig has always been the best choice. Showering when wearing the wig can be appealing as well. The truth is that you may do it if you don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.

You can shower when wearing the wig at public pools or beach. Even so, you must avoid using high pressure and harsh temperatures, since both can harm the wig.


The entire process of conserving your headband wigs seems to be extremely simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. When caring for this wig, use high quality products. You must also avoid drying your wig in direct sunlight. Storing your wigs in a secure location is also essential for maintaining of your headband wig.

Aside from that, you must also avoid wearing the wig while showering or sleeping in order to keep it in good condition. You should only need to keep the above said points in your mind to properly maintain the headband wig.

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