How to make a cover letter for a resume

A cover letter (CL) is a document with your appeal to the future hirer. Its structure is not the same as that of a resume although it is considered by many an important part of it. Sometimes, organizations and companies expect you to provide both, CL and resume, for their consideration of your enrollment or hiring. While other organizations and companies consider a CL to be absolutely redundant.

Because you never know beforehand, when you will need a CL, it is advisable that you do it just in case. Making it will not take more than 1-2 hours of your life but attaching it to a job application when required will be done just in a few clicks.

The time of composing it especially shrinks when you make resume online free in the tool CV2YOU.

How to make a resume online free and a cover letter?

The best tool on the market so far that offers you to make a resume and a CL is CV2YOU. On its website, you can start making a document even without registration (yet, you’ll have to undergo it if you want to save your result or download a ready file).

So since a CL is a doc that is supposed to attract the attention of a future hirer or their HR manager, it is important that you highlight in it the following:

  • Who you are, what are your skills and experience — in a brief manner
  • What problems a company is able to solve thanks to hiring you
  • Why you are better than the rest (or most) of the candidates.

So, basically, a CL introduces briefly you as a person & candidate and highlights how exactly you’re equipped to solve the working issues and tasks you will be facing. The goal of this doc is to make it arouse interest in a reader to proceed to your resume to know more details about you. 

In a nutshell, you have to:

  • Open strong and confidently
  • Emphasize your value as an employee and as a person
  • Give an understanding of the strengths of your skills and experience
  • Be positive, enthusiastic, and affirmative
  • Sound friendly but professionally, not slipping into joking, cronyism, and silliness
  • Make your tone friendly yet not overbearingly friendly
  • Keep it short — 3-4 paragraphs tops.

The CV2YOU tool to make resume online free

Using this tool, you will effectively create a professional resume and cover letter thanks to its high versatility and adjustability to user needs.

After you will have picked a likable template, you simply cut off all the unnecessary filling, leaving only those, which must be contained in a CL: name, contact data, picture, address, keywords, and your self-representing text. Also, don’t forget to proofread (or ask someone do it for you) before you save and download a file and start attaching it to your job applications. 


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