How to Make a Family Celebration Memorable

Our families are some of the most influential people we’ll ever know.  They offer shoulders to lean on when things get complicated: there’s not enough we can do to show them how much we care.

If you’re heading into a family celebration and aren’t sure where to start, here are the top ways to keep these events memorable and fun

Lean Into Your Familial Background

Everyone’s family has a background in common.  Consider what that background looks like for your family and how you can work it into a party.  Is your family Scottish American?  Consider asking men to wear kilts for fun.  If, instead, your family is from Sicily, you can hire Italian singers who will belt out tunes that will speak to your ancestral genes.  There’s nothing wrong with leaning into this because it can just make it more fun and campy.  

Bring Forward Great Memories

Consider the fun and exciting ways your family has gathered before.  You can achieve this with photo books or a slide show: but these can be boring at a party and grind things to a stop.  Instead, think about playing songs that have many memories packed into them as you show the slideshow in the background through the whole party.  This allows people to stop and look at the images here or there and keep people in motion having fun.  If it’s a rowdier party and your family likes alcohol, consider making a drinking game out of specific silly images.

Create New Memories

Whether it’s a wedding or a family reunion, think about themes or activities that will help trap these moments in memory forever.  This could mean switching up the family reunion and making it into a laser tag battle royale or that you look into traditions that your family used to have but don’t anymore.  Did several women in the family step out of practice and wear brightly colored shoes at their wedding decor packages?  Is there a funny joke in the family about not dancing on tables with less than four legs on them?  Think about things that bring the family together, and figure out a way to use them. 

Create Fun Memorabilia

Although party gifts may be a little unusual for family gatherings, that doesn’t mean they can’t happen!  Instead, think about what you can do to commemorate what’s being celebrated.  The instant popularity of family reunion tee-shirts to keychains and fans can bring out the memories the moment anyone sees them: be creative with it!  You can give out cute favors like silk flowers that can stand as table decor until after the ceremony and dinner for a wedding.

Be careful not to go too overboard on price, though!  Although it’s essential to get good quality so these will last, it’s also vital that you seek out prices that won’t leave you bankrupt.

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