How to pick the best Laguiole knife made in France?

France is famous for the Eiffel tower in Paris and for the museums. Also, it consists of art galleries and delicious cuisines. Apart from that, different landscape mountains and beaches like Marcille, Corsica, and more, attract tourist attention from all over the world. But, is it Safe?

In previous years, so many people used to carry knives for their safety purpose in France. And presently some of them are using knives for the same reason. Moreover, knives play a key role in different tasks of daily routines, like cutting vegetables, and untie the ropes. Further, knives are useful in the wild-area also. From olden times to the present people of France are using specific knives called Laguiole Knives. It was invented by Jean-Pierre Calamel in the 18th century. Let’s see what it is?

Laguiole Knife

A handcrafted high-quality pocket knife consists of a stainless blade. It comes with so many designs and with your zodiac signs too. Further an artist Philipe Starck designed the knife as an improvement of the 1910 model.

These knives are produced from a small village in the Massif Central region called Laguiole. Also, 70% of the tool production comes from there and it produces these knives too. These two places made these knives for around 150 years. A surprising fact is, it can be available through online shopping websites like Amazon. But how will you identify this knife?

Identify the best Laguiole Knives

You might see many types of knives in the market including plastic handles and wooden handles. If you are purchasing a knife for the first time, you should consider a few facts. You must check its blade, its origin, and the code written on it for picking the best Laguiole knives. You can also use these clues to buy famous French knives.

It comes with high production quality. Therefore, it is not possible that it will be available at a cheaper rate. You should not buy these kinds of knives from seaside memorial shops or shops present in tourist spots. After a few days, you will understand that it’s an industrial knife that was kept in an antique packing. Some local knives are also available in the market as a copy of these knives. But you have to stay aware of these cheap knives. Still, you are feeling confused then you have online shopping options too.

France itself provides a website where you will get 100% of original French products. You can collect more information about these knives on the Le club Laguiole website.


In ancient times, these knives were in demand and were invented in 1829 by Jean-Pierre calamal. After a few implementations, nowadays it is available in different designs and that too on a global level. You can get these knives from wherever you want because it is available through online shopping websites also. So, this article will prove helpful to you if you are looking for ancient knives. But don’t forget to go on a vacation to France for its pleasant atmosphere and for its nice sceneries.

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