How to place bets on longshots in horse racing?

Do you like horse racing and placing bets on them? Are you a beginner at betting? Do you want to become an expert in betting longshots in horse racing?

If you want to start placing bets on longshots in horse racing across Australia, you should learn a bit about the betting types as well as the trends.

Many punters, in the beginning, are not so keen to place bets on longshots. The reason is that usually, they have to face losses while betting on longshots. The winning probability is dependent on multiple factors. Although the professionals are experts in understanding weather conditions, track conditions and their impact on the horses, it is difficult to nail a prediction for a longshot effectively.

Factors to keep in mind before you start placing bets

As the event date is approaching many fans are getting ready to bet on the Australian Derby. Here are some betting tips that could work for you:

  • Strict choice

Firstly, you should begin with a rigid selection process and stay glued to it. Also, try several systems to check out how well they perform. With this strategy, you have done some work, and you can also hope for some casual winners if your luck is also with you.

  • Find longshot winners

The best way to find longshot winners is by using handicaps to get the best options and nailing the best races suitable for their win. Accuracy is difficult to measure in longshots based on the current form of the racing horse. Bettors believe that longshots help in finding their form quickly. You can practice longshots in upcoming Golden Slipper Stakes.

  • Gender of the racing horse

It is the easiest thing to do, and even after this, many punters often forget to check it. Always bet on male horses before going through with the betting process. It is common knowledge on the racing circuit that male horses win sizably more than female ones due to their better build and stamina.

  • Check recent form

Many bettors are crazy about following the present form of a horse and risk their chances. It is wrong to bet on horses running for the first time in the circuit but put adequate importance on the form and focus on capabilities. Look for consistency in the top 5 or top 6 in their recent races.

  • Conditions of the racecourse

Examine the conditions statistically before going through with bets. Some horses do not perform well on some tracks but excel in others. The long shots usually come in slow, but one understands the successful patterns with time. So, before you ferret out money for longshots, assess the conditions as well as the heavy or slow nature of race tracks. Investors always seek the best returns and give a better edge to outlast the winning one.

Types of Australian bets

The bettor should have previous experience or comprehensive knowledge of placing bets on longshots to set the betting odds. It will start with knowing the types of Australian bets.

  •     The win bet

This bet is the most straightforward bet of all. Choose a horse of your liking and bet on it to win the race.

  •     The trifecta

In this one, punters look at past performance of several horses before deciding which ones they think are most likely to finish 1st, 2nd and third

  •     The big 6 bets

They pick the winners of the nominated 6 races of the same meeting. The bookmaker decides the six nominated races at every meeting.

  •     Quadrella

This bet is similar to big 6 bets, but the bookmaker picks four instead of six races.

  •     The first four’s bets

Straight first four: Pick the first four finishing horses in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Box first fourThis bet involves picking the first four horses to finish the race in any order.

Standout first-four: Select the horse you think will win the race, and then the next three horses to finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th in any order.

  •    The treble bet

In a treble bet, punters need to choose the expected winner of 3 different horse races. The returns are carried to the next race if you win the first bet. But all of your bets need to be successful to receive a payout.


As the autumn racing season is approaching, betting is a hot topic among punters in Australia. Make safe, secure, and responsible bets, and adhere to the abovementioned factors. Choose the correct option from the many betting options, especially those that suit your gut instincts and boost profits. You can visit here to know about the xoilac . On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on cihansemiz. Here is the best news portal lawyersupport where you can get the latest news around the world.

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