The toilet seat’s Toilet rim is the hidden portion because it is covered with a middle lid. This portion of the toilet is commonly contaminated with limescale that isn’t easy to remove. The rim of the toilet is often neglected and not cleaned properly. How to remove limescale from toilet rim.


Limescale is white; however, hard stores are found close to the water taps, sink, shower bowls, waterline, and the edge of the lavatory. These stains look horrendous and make our home look old and chaotic. Now and then, limescale stores have a pink or red-earthy colored appearance (like rust). It glances frightful in a radiant white lavatory, and the restroom is by all accounts messy.

How to Clean the Rim?

Cleaning the rim is always a neglected process. However, cleaning itself isn’t tricky. Which type of product is suitable for cleaning depends upon how stubbornly the limescale is attached to the surface of the toilet rim. If it hardly sticks to it, then you should use a strong cleaning detergent with continuous scrubbing. But if the limescale is not stubborn at its place, then you should use a regular cleaner or detergent with gentle scrubbing.

Scrubbing plays an important role in cleaning, but it has to be done carefully. If you harshly scrub a newly fitted toilet seat with a scrubbing brush, its surface color may fade soon.


1. Flush the Toilet

Before you add the detergent, first wash the toilet seat thoroughly. Take off the lid and rinse all sides of the rim properly.

2. Pour The Cleaning Liquid

Pouring the liquid into the rim is the most important part of cleaning the rim of the toilet. The first thing is to choose the right cleaning liquid. The limescale deposits that are not stubborn in place can be removed using vinegar or coke, but the deposits that stick to the place can be removed using vinegar, baking soda, or sandpaper. Sandpaper is not suitable for all the toilets, especially for the new ones. It effectively cleans hard limescale easily. Coke also works well in removing the limescale from the rim. Acids are also effective, but they may erode the marble of the toilet seat. All these items are available at home. A list of cleaning liquids is given below.

  • Vinegar
  • Vinegar and baking soda
  • WD40
  • Coke
  • Acid
  • Sandpaper
  • Detergents

3. Leave It For An Hour

Once you thoroughly apply the cleaning liquid, let it sit for an hour. If the limescale is stubborn, leave it overnight and wash in the morning. If you are using sandpaper, be gentle on the toilet because it may affect your tiles or marble.

4. Scrub The Rim

The most important part of cleaning is scrubbing. Do thorough scrubbing for better results. Use a brush or sandpaper for this purpose.

5. Wash It Thoroughly

After you finish scrubbing, wash the rim of the toilet completely with cold water and use a common toilet cleaner for better results.

6. Repeat The Process

If the process doesn’t work on the first attempt, try to repeat the process. It would help if you washed your toilet at least once a week.

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