How To Select The Ideal Nursing Bra For You During Your Pregnancy?

Purchasing bras may be difficult even in the best of circumstances… When you consider that you will soon be dealing with changes in size as well as feeding features, you have quite a predicament on your hands when it comes to selecting appropriate undergarments. To make it easier for you to discover the maternity bra that is most suited to your needs, we have compiled a few straightforward pointers.

What’s The Difference Between Nursing Bras And Maternity Bras?

To answer your question in a nutshell: there is no difference! Every plus size maternity bras has a built-in opening specifically designed for nursing.

When To Make The Purchase?

The size of your cup will increase throughout the first 20 weeks or so of your pregnancy, and your rib cage will start to expand after that sometime around the 20th week of your pregnancy forward. Your cup size will then increase once more when your milk comes in after the baby is born; but, if you have established a nursing habit, your cup size will eventually return to a “new normal.”

We recommend making two separate purchases of maternity bras…

The first one should be at the beginning of the third trimester when your cup size should be more or less steady.

The second one should take place a few weeks before your due date and cover the last few weeks of your pregnancy as well as the initial few weeks of breastfeeding.

Finding The Ideal Match For Oneself

To get started, add one cup size and one back size to your typical size before pregnancy. This will be your starting point. Therefore, if you typically wear a 34C, you should begin by experimenting with a 36D. Make sure that even in the most restrictive setting, you can move around freely while still feeling safe, and leave yourself plenty of wiggle space to change the size of the garment as you become taller.

To determine your postpartum bra size, take your current bra size, plus one cup size, and remove one back size. If you are currently wearing a size 36D after your pregnancy, you should choose a size 34DD after you start breastfeeding your baby.

What Types Of Maternity Bras Should You Buy?

Following are the types of maternity bras you should buy:

The Everyday Bra: The bra you’ll wear most often is your everyday bra, so it should be comfortable and breathable, with a flexible fit and excellent support. We recommend one with these qualities (non-underwired is best).

The Sleep Bra: Comfort is of the utmost importance when you’re trying to get some shut-eye, and their Organic Cotton Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bra is unmatched in the industry. It is quite comfortable, and there are no snaps or hooks on it that may irritate your skin while you are sleeping. It offers the ideal support throughout pregnancy, and the cups can easily be moved out of the way to facilitate nursing when the baby is delivered.

The Feminine Bra: If you’re searching for something with a little bit more flair, a touch of lace may go a long way.

The Sports Bra: A well-fitting maternity sports bra is an absolute must if you plan on maintaining an active lifestyle during your pregnancy, which research indicates is beneficial not just for you but also for your unborn child. These are ideal not just for when you are ready to begin easing your way back into shape following the birth of your baby because of the easy drop-down access for nursing, but also for when you are nursing your kid.

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