How To Start a Career In Web Development?

We live in a digital age today. From businesses to organisations and individuals, each entity functions around it. Just imagine what will happen to the world if the internet stops working for a day. 

Today, the world might stop due to some pandemic. But the internet? Not a chance. All hail millions of web developers around the world who keep fueling their very souls. From waking up to sleeping, the internet and the many websites keep all of us connected. 

The surge in the use of the internet and websites, apps, etc., has created millions of new job opportunities. If you’re here, it’s likely because you want to learn everything about how to embark on a journey toward becoming a web developer through a web developer course.

This article will guide you on the expedition towards a career in web development. As a perk, we’ll also tell you about the web developer’s salary in India, how much scope there is, and what you must do to get a quick job. 

Let’s get the code running, bit to bytes. 

Understanding the wires of web development

Web development has one purpose – to keep the websites and applications running on the internet. It involves everything from creating websites and web applications to launching and maintaining them. Coding, designing, structuring, maintaining, ensuring their functionality and user-friendliness – everything gets handled by web developers. 

The role of web developers

Web developers are to the internet what architects and builders are to the physical world. They make the internet possible. Here is what they do in their daily professional lives:

  • They write the code that defines the structure, layout, and interactivity of websites and web applications.
  • These adept individuals ensure the responsiveness, accessibility, cross-device compatibility, etc. of websites.
  • To make all of this magic happen, they use coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side scripting languages.
  • Because it has to be smooth and beautiful too, they collaborate with designers, content creators, business owners, etc.
  • And when things go wrong, they provide a quick fix through their troubleshooting knowledge.

For all of this, they get paid some very tempting amounts. But, it all depends on how skilful they are.

So, what skills shape one to be a godlike web developer?  

Skills and Qualities of a Web Developer

Different web developers handle different things. Mainly, there are three types of web developers:

  • Frontend Web Developers – These people create everything that we users see on the internet. They create all that is visual – websites, interactivity, forms, games, applications, etc.
    • Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.
  • Backend Web Developers – These people handle everything that we do not see. The websites need to be stored on some server somewhere right? It is their responsibility. 
    • Languages used: Java Programming, PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Full-stack Web Developers – They can handle both front-end and back-end.

To be an excellent web developer, you need the right skillset. So, before you know how to become a web developer, learn what skills are needed.

Skills needed by frontend and backend web developers

To be good at something, you surely need in-depth knowledge and very technical skills. But, there also are some real-life skills that help in getting the triumph quickly. So, firstly, we’ll pick up the technical part.

Technical Skills Required by Web Developers

Could be quite threatening at first, but not when you take the right web developer course. It is direly important and will save you time + peace.  

Apart from some technical skills, you also need some soft skills to get a good job in web development. Here are a few:

  • Programming efficiency – How little code can you use to get the same or even better result?
  • Adaptability – Can you manage your sail in this quickly changing landscape and stay updated?
  • Problem-solving skills – Are you able to dissect complex issues and identify root causes?
  • Creativity – Can you captivate the audience through your skills?
  • Time management – Can you handle the pressure of a time bomb?
  • Communication – How well can you communicate with the team members, managers, stakeholders?

All good till now, but how exactly do we embark on the journey?

How To Be A Web Developer – A Step-by-Step Guide

To embark on a career in web development, one must adopt a methodical approach and exhibit unwavering commitment to learning. The following steps will guide you on this transformative journey:

Master the Fundamentals

Commence your journey by acquainting yourself with the rudimentary tenets of web development. Initially, you will need to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – the foundational cornerstones of this domain.

Elect a Specialisation

Now that you have gained the basics of web development, it is time to choose which one to walk. 

Decide whether you want to work in front-end development or back-end development, or you want to be the jack of all trades, i.e. full-stack development. 

Pursue Formal Education

Although not obligatory, enrolling in a relevant college degree in coding will provide you with a robust grounding. 

Here are a few options you may choose from:

  • BCS or B.Sc in Computer Science 
  • B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering 
  • BCA 
  • B.Sc
  • B.Des in Interaction Design

Also, and this is a strong ‘also’, seek out the best web developer course that encapsulates the latest technologies and best practices prevailing in the industry. It will get you certified and help you with some strong networking as well.

Practicality and Portfolio

Practice, practice, and practice! This is something that you must do every day. Build your own projects and work on real-world problems. It is crucial and will help you sharpen your skills and strengthen your portfolio. 

A portfolio website that serves as a testament to your prowess. On this website, you will showcase the projects you’ve worked on. If done well, your potential employers and clients will be impressed. Meaning, a quick and brilliant job that pays well.

Be the master of networking

Meetups, conferences, forums, workshops, get your hands on anything valuable that can help you engage with the web development community. This networking acumen can pave the way for fortuitous career openings.

Web Developer Salary in India

Web developers salary changes based on your experience, location, competencies, and negotiation. Here are some ballpark figures to consider: 

  • Novice Web Developer: ₹3,00,000 – ₹6,00,000 annually
  • Intermediate Web Developer: ₹6,00,000 – ₹10,00,000 annually
  • Seasoned Web Developer: ₹10,00,000 and above annually

Know that full-stack developers generally bag a better salary. Also, if you have excelled at your projects and knowledge, you’ll be valued much higher. 


The modern digital world is blooming with e-commerce vibes. And it demands excellent and skillful web developers. It has opened a sea full of jobs that pay well. However, sailing this sea requires proper practice and planning. 

If you aspire to be hired by your dream company, start by gaining an overview of this field. Know if you want to be a front-end developer, a back-end, or the master of all. Mastery of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and proficiency in frameworks such as React, Angular, or Node.js is non-negotiable. Practice and stay up-to-date with industrial trends. The right web developer course can provide you with the much-required flambeau. 

India’s tech industry and global demand for skilled web developers is booming. Walking well on this path, with dedication, can undoubtedly carve a rewarding career in web development. Happy coding! 

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