How to Style Your Party Wear Kurti for a Glamorous Look?

Indians are known for donning vibrant traditional garments during festivities. Apart from sarees, one of such elegant garment pieces is the kurti. Almost all Indian women have a soft corner for Kurtis and are always looking for different ways to style them. For some functions, you can shop a party wear kurti online can be a perfect option to create a classic and stylish look. This post will take you through the 10 best ways to style these alluring kurtis that will capture the eyes of every person at the party. 

10 Trendy Ways to Style the Perfect Party-wear Kurti

Kurtis is a popular choice for every Indian woman in any season. A kurti is easy to wear and emanates a feeling of elegance that no other garment can. Here are some tips for styling your kurti to make a glamorous appearance at parties and other special occasions. 

1. Pair Your Short Kurti with Denim Jeans

Kurtis and denim jeans are a match made in heaven. However, short kurtis look better with blue jeans than longer kurtis. If you want to create a posh and cool look, choose ankle-length denim pants. It is an excellent timeless combination to create an Indo-western look.

2. Style a White Kurti with a Pop-up Coloured Shrug

Wearing shrugs with kurtis is a look that never goes out of the latest trends. Pair a basic kurti with a printed shrug to create your unique indo-fusion style. Shrugs offer flexibility since they can be worn with long and short kurtis. As there is a wide range of party wear kurti designs, pick a balanced shrug that perfectly harmonises with your chosen design. 

3. Pair a Fashionable Kurti with Classic Flared Pants

To create an elegant yet classy look, pair your kurti with flared pants. This evergreen combination is preferred and worn by women of all ages. Whether going for dinner, lunch party, or a casual get-together, pairing flared pants with embroidered kurtis will never disappoint you. 

4. Dazzle Everyone with Sharara Pants and Kurti Combination

If you thought shararas were out of trend, you are wrong. These ethnic bottoms match well with most kurtis. The flared pleats will make heads turn, without doubt. Many Indian women pick this attire for going to a party. Despite their ethnic roots, you can always pair your kurtis with flowy georgette sharara pants. 

5. Try Dhoti Pants with Kurtis

Dhoti pants aren’t reserved for special occasions, but you can make them work if you colour-coordinate them with your kurta. If you have trouble choosing the perfect dhoti pant for your kurta, buy a kurta-dhoti set. Wearing a short kurta with dhoti pants is highly preferred by young girls and women. 

6. Flaunt Your Unique Style with Flared Skirt and Kurti

How can you forget we forget about the flared skirts and party-wear kurti sets? You can create a dazzling combination by wearing a straight-fitting ethnic kurti with a finely embroidered or designer-long flared skirt. Adding a pair of gold or silver jhumkas can dial up the charm to your overall look. 

7. Do Not Forget About the Unforgettable Palazzos

Pairing kurtis with palazzo pants is a popular chic look that prioritises comfort over anything else. This outfit is perfect for adding a hint of modernity to your ethnic wear. Palazzos suit almost every body type. Wear it with a short embroidered kurti or a long one; the choice is yours. 

8. Adorn Your Basic Kurti with Heavy Oxidized Jewellery

A party-wear kurti for women is incomplete without heavy oxidised jewellery. Wear stud earrings or a gorgeous pendant necklace to add a hint of glamour to your outfit. These ornaments go better with basic kurtis rather than embroidered ones.

9. Pair Straight Pants with a Long Kurti

When palazzos and flared skirts aren’t impressing you enough, it’s time to return to the roots by wearing straight pants. Women prefer this combination to come into the limelight for festive seasons or parties. You can also wear a dupatta with it to add some stunning vibes. 

10. Wear Denim Jacket with Your Short Kurti

Do you have denim jackets in your wardrobe? Then, pair them up with your favourite kurti in any style you prefer. A classy denim jacket perfectly pairs up with a dark or light-coloured kurti. This look can be difficult to pull off, so look up pictures of models online to learn how to carry this style. 

How to Buy Your Dream Party-wear Kurti?

Kurtis is undoubtedly one of the most popular clothing loved, especially by Indian women, for a long time. The versatile styles, colours, and patterns make them perfect for any occasion. However, finding your ideal kurti can be a hassle, given every shop’s endless range. To ease your struggles, follow the tips below to choose the perfect party wear kurtis online. 

  • Consider Your Body Shape

While shopping for a perfect kurti, considering your body shape is a must. Choose a cloth that allows you to maintain a perfect balance between your bust, shoulder, waist, and hips. You can use measurement tape and check the product description to ensure the kurti matches your body. 

  • Select Your Desired Colour

Sometimes it is hard to pick a party wear kurti online due to the extensive collections. With so many styles and patterns available, finding the right kurti with a perfect blend of colours is a Herculean task. Choose a pastel or dark kurti, depending on the nature of the occasion. Ensure that the colour of the kurti matches your skin tone too.

  • Closely Evaluate the Material

Closely evaluating the material is very important for buying party wear kurtis online. Check whether you feel comfortable in the fabric. Look at the product description on the website and buy it if it suits your skin. You can even choose the kurti material based on the weather. For example, opt for cotton kurtis during hot and humid days.

  • Try Something Unique

When buying a different type of kurti, your goal should be directing the attention of everyone to your one-of-a-kind dress. Experiment with designs you have never tried instead of sticking to the same bland patterns. Narrow down your search, and filter the best options. Mix and match with shades and materials that could set you apart from common trends. 

Enthral the Guests with Your Stylish Party Wear Kurti!

Get ready to flaunt your style and be the main attraction of every event with a gorgeous party wear kurti. Ethnic wear is perfect and highly preferred by Indian women because of comfort, material, and spectacular embroideries. Pair your kurti with trendy pants and dazzling accessories and elevate your fashion statement! If you have decided to wear kurtis as partywear, Kreeva has your back. Kreeva lifestyle caters to your kurti needs by offering various kurtis, from ethnic to modern. Browse through the vast selection now!

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