How to Throw a Movie Night Birthday Party?

The New Year arrives with new hopes, opportunities, ideas, entertainment. If you have no idea what to do this year for your child’s birthday celebration, check out these ideas to turn it into a movie birthday party.

Turning your child’s birthday into a movie experience is easier than you think. You just need a little creativity and some time, but believe us not too much, to organize some small details that will make a difference and turn this celebration into something unforgettable, like a movie!

Here are some fabulous ideas

As this is a birthday party in the best movie style, you don’t have to get too complicated, you can go to the supermarket and buy the sweets, trinkets, and goodies that are normally sold in theaters. Don’t forget to buy popcorn or you can make some at home if you want to save a little! Make sure you buy drinks according to the occasion.

Once you have bought everything that is necessary for a party celebration in terms of food, it is time to decorate the space where the party is hosted. In addition, in the specialized store, you can also get themed items or objects that can be used for decoration. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend money on decorations or packaging, you can buy cheap balloons for decoration, if you buy red ones they would be ideal since for some reason the cinema is usually associated with the colors red, white and black. 

Taking into account the colors that are associated with going to the movies, we can buy or search among the things we have at home, elements that serve us for decoration, such as tablecloths, napkins, glasses, candy containers, etc. 

Now comes the fun part

Have your child choose the movie they want to watch on their birthday, or select their favorite movie to watch with their friends. We will give you two options that you can opt for at the moment of the film projection. 

The first, and our favorite, throwing a party and watching a movie outdoors. you just need a big screen and a movie to watch. Kids can sit on the grass to enjoy the movie. This will create a wonderful experience. For this option, it is necessary to have a projector or if you don’t have one, you can hire a private cinema for kids and even personalize your event according to your needs. 

The second option, in case you don’t have a projector,  you can simply set up a row of chairs or put some cushions on the floor in the living room of your house, or in a large enough space of your home for the children to sit in front of a television to watch the movie.

Give them the full movie experience, turn off the lights, make sure they have their treats with them and let the show begin!

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