How to wear earrings without piercing?

The earrings represent one of the most beautiful forms of accessory that enhances the overall appearance and add a unique charm to woman’s look. While you need an ear piercing for wearing the earring, there are also different ways in which you can wear an earring without requiring piercing. The process of piercing can be quite painful for some people and if you don’t want to go through that process then you can just wear the earrings without piercing. 

Wearing attractive earrings without piercing

If you are averse to the idea of ear piercing or are not ready to get your ears pierced just yet then the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to do that to rock those earrings. There are a number of earrings that are designed specifically for people without piercings and they are available in different shapes, styles and types including the dangle-style earrings, and studs. You can perfectly wear the earrings without the piercing. Let us have a look how you can do that effectively. 

The Magnetic earrings: The magnetic earrings are the ideal option for you if you don’t want to get your ears pierced and yet want to wear the earring accessory. These earrings have neodymium magnets and they are tiny, strong and ideal for keeping the stud earrings in their place. The magnet is placed on the back of earlobes and it is very effective in keeping the earrings in their designated place. The good thing is you can easily create the magnetic earrings yourself at home if you have those magnets with you.

Clip-on earrings: The clip-on earrings is another option of earrings for those people who don’t want to get their ears pierced. These earrings come with a clip and they are very easy to wear. Some of these types of earrings can be clunky but that is not necessarily always the case and there are different variety of earrings that are available in this category. The good thing is you can conveniently convert the earrings for the pierced ears into clip-on earrings. There are different ways in which you can convert the earrings for piercing into clip-on earrings. Let us have a look.

Convert earrings with the help of a post: To begin with you must purchase the earring converters. These converters come with small tube or barrel at the back. While the majority of the posts are designed for fitting into converter’s barrel, you must check the post size just for confirmation. After that you must insert earring post in the barrel, by sliding post in converter barrel and then bending the post at an angle of 90 degree. This is important because bending enables the earring to sit in a natural position on the ear. When the post has been bent then the earrings can’t be worn in the pierced ear any longer and they become the ideal clip-on earrings. You can also use no-bend convertor with the pierced earrings if you want. 

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