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How will you secure your Instagram account?

In this recent time, more than one billion people have been using Instagram. In the beginning, people only used this app for sharing pictures, videos, stories, messages, etc. If you are a user, you can share anything via Instagram’s Feed, Stories, Live, IGTV, etc.

Among so many users, teenagers use this platform too. They use their Instagram account to celebrate achievements, memories, keeping contact with family and friends, etc. Know that the Instagram app allows usersto build a community of help and support while meetingvarious people with the same interests.

The app can be used on smartphones, iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch, tablets, etc. You can follow other users who can be your friends and family or a stranger, celebrities, etc. In comparison with Facebook, Instagram isn’t a two-way street. Meaning, even if you follow an account,not necessarily that account will follow you back.

Why is Instagram privacy essential?

Using Instagram is fun because you can have many Instagram followers in your profile. The users of this platform have options to use a private account or a public one. When you choose a private account, you will be in control of your account, and you will decide who can see your profile and who can’t.Keep in mind that you have to change your privacy settings to private unless anyone can look through all of your shared posts and contents.

We think everyone should be conscious enough when it comes to using social media. Know that there are people who don’t want to put their lives out there for others to see. Suppose, your kid has social media accounts, and you are worried about his/her privacy. In that case, you can do some basic things. Follow this article to learn those things that may help you out.

You will learn some basic facts here about Instagram and how you can use this app without worrying about your privacy.

Think twice before posting anything

If you use an Instagram account, you can share your photos, videos, and stories. You have to make your ID private in case you want your privacy intact and control who can see your profile.First, you have to convert your public account to a private one. It isn’t a challenging job for you, and you can easily do it with solid instruction.

You can control your account after that and decide who can see your shared posts and who can’t. For teenagers, it would be best to make their accounts private. Not just teenagers, anyone can choose to make their account private.

However, suppose you are using this platform to increase your business growth or celebrity profile. In that case, you can always take the service of some legit sources that can assist you on how to buy instagram followers sorganically.

Steps to make your account private on Instagram

  1. Tap the profile button of yours.
  2. Scroll down and tap’Account Privacy’option then choose ‘Private Account’.
  3. Slide the bar to the right, and when it turns blue, your account will become private.

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