Impact of Philips WhiteSpeed ​​Technology Hack on Teeth Whitening Results and Long-Term Safety

Teeth whitening – a procedure that quickly puts teeth in order, makes them white, while the enamel suffers greatly. But that’s in the past. Today, specialists use a modern, gentle, safe technique that allows teeth to be whitened with comfort for the patient. Let’s take a closer look at what this technique means.

How does the new, modernized system differ from previous generations?

If the line is third generation, that zoom 3 was not considered completely safe, since a more intense gel was used, hot light, which damaged the enamel, now everything is different. First advantage of bleaching lamp zoom 4 is that cold light is used. It does not destroy delicate, sensitive enamel and does not damage gums. As a result, the patient does not experience discomfort or pain.

The modernized lamp operates with three light streams, which can be adjusted without interrupting the procedure. The doctor himself sets the device to the desired power and adjusts it during the procedure.

If the service life of the first generation lamps was 100 hours, now it works for 50,000 hours, while the consumption of electrical energy has decreased significantly.

Key Features Philips Zoom.

  1. A gentle, painless procedure in a comfortable environment for the patient.
  2. Three modes of lamp operation.
  3. The light source is quite durable.
  4. It is possible to increase the intensity of the light flux.
  5. The lamp has improved ergonomic characteristics.

In addition, we will consider the main advantages of the procedure.

  1. You only need one visit to the dentist and that’s it. A Hollywood smile is guaranteed for a long time.
  2. During the system procedure zoom whitespeed teeth become several shades lighter. No less than 8.
  3. The composition of the gel is soft and gentle; in addition, the presence of calcium helps strengthen tooth enamel. Tooth sensitivity decreases.

The result lasts for a long time, at least 4 years. But you can extend it up to 5 if you take proper care of your teeth and follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Modernization had a serious impact on the result. Whitening according to the system zoom discus is faster, more effective, and, most importantly, safe and painless.

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Unlimited whitening chip – what is it?

In order to increase the number of clients and improve the performance of the device, it is recommended to hack the limitation of the bleach lamp with the help of bleach-infiniter. Its function is to provide unlimited use. In simple words, an Infinite whitening chip removes the limitations of the whitening lamp.

What is included in the device package

Let’s take a look at what is included with the device.

  1. A lamp itself.
  2. Accelerator rack, power supply.
  3. LED accelerator head.
  4. Accelerator base.
  5. Safety glasses for doctors.
  6. Rollers.
  7. Spare parts.

Only a professional doctor who has experience behind him can work with such a lamp. These are the specialists who work in our clinic. We offer clients an individual approach, affordable prices for services, comfortable offices, and comfortable chairs. The team has a friendly atmosphere, all clients leave satisfied with the results.

You can find detailed information on our company website. There is a phone number to call, work hours, and prices for services to hack Philips Zoom Lamp, Email. The address and directions are also indicated. If you don’t want to call yourself, leave an online request with a phone number. We will call you back as soon as possible, answer all your questions, and make an appointment.

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