Important factors to consider when buying a commercial juicer machine

A juicer is a machine used to extract fluid products from fruits, leafy vegetables, and herbs.

This article focuses on the commercial juicer. This machine has a basket with blades inside, which are rotated by an electrical motor at the base. Fruits and vegetables are passed through this machine, where they are converted to juice by crushing, grinding, and slicing into small pieces, squeezing the juice out of the pulp.

The rapid growth in technology and industrialization has led to increased innovation and usage of machines in various capacities to make work easier and increase productivity. This has equally resulted in the innovation and popularity of juicing devices for easier and high-level production of juices.

Detailed below are some of the factors that one should have in mind when purchasing a juicer machine.

Processing speed

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a commercial juicer is its ability to process with high and good speed. A faster processing speed helps in producing a high quantity of juice within a short period. This will help to ensure that you can meet the demand in case of many customers, and you won’t have them lining up and waiting.

Easy to use 

It is also advisable to ensure that the commercial juicer you buy is easy to use. It should have well-indicated and visible usage controls to enable you to be well-conversed with the operations of the entire system. It should have a few steps or be simple to operate.


Another important determinant of a commercial juicer price in Kenya is its reliability. When purchasing one, ensure it is reliable and can continue for many hours of high production without breakdowns and technical hiccups.


It is also important to consider the capacity of a commercial juicer machine when buying one. This is the quantity of raw material it can hold for production at any time. The bigger the volume, the more yields it will produce.

Body material/solid build

Another important factor you must remember when purchasing a juicer is its housing and parts. Some are made of plastic, while others are metallic.


Different juicers have different warranties, depending on the company and dealer. It is advisable to ensure your juicer machine has a good warranty to enable you to replace it in case of failure within the given time. A warranty will save you the money you need to buy another one in case of failure.

Easy to clean

When purchasing a commercial juicer, it is best to go for one with removable parts. This will make it easier for you to disassemble and clean the details easily.


The price of the commercial juicer is another factor that should be considered when purchasing one. The price should be fair depending on various factors, such as volume and brand. Make sure you are not overpriced. High-quality juicers may come at a higher price, but that should be fine with you because they will serve you better.


Having gone through the above article, you will find that it has covered the various considerations one should make when purchasing a sugarcane juicer machine. Therefore, it can be used for reference.






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