Incredible strategies improve guesses in esports games

When talking about the strategies that contribute to improving betting on eSports, it is important to note that eSport is characterized by being games that come from computer graphics. In this sense, given the gigantic universe of possibilities for eSports games, it is necessary to highlight that each game will have its own type of bet.

In the world of eSports betting, the most famous online betting sites, such as, in addition to having great prizes and bonuses, are equipped with cryptographic technology, which contributes to the protection of the registered player . The eSports games shelf of large betting sites is full of great options, and some of them are: Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, Valarant, Rocket League and many others.

Given this summary overview of eSports games, the first thing the player needs to do to act strategically to improve their predictions is to choose a good betting house. Normally, you can know when the casino is of quality just by evaluating some main points. Therefore, faced with a gigantic number of gaming sites, the three factors that the user must pay attention to are: Variety of quality games, Advantageous Bonuses and Promotions and Legalization of the casino.

Variety of quality games

If you are new to online betting, know that a good bookmaker will be able to provide the registered player with a good number of eSports games to place bets on. It is estimated that a successful bookmaker has at least 10 eSports game titles to bet on.

In addition to a good number of games, the user should check the betting market, as, according to older players, a good bookmaker has unique bets, as well as a wide range of betting options such as: winner of the game, tournament winner and round winner. As an example, among the various types of bets present in the LoL game, one of the possibilities is the bet directed to the team that kills the opponent first (called Roshan or Lord).

Advantageous Bonuses and Promotions

Another tip for those who want to improve their guess is, in addition to choosing a house with several quality games, check if the gaming house has bonuses and promotions that give the player an advantage. The main reason for this tip is that, if the player enters a house that has these benefits, this directly contributes to an immediate increase in profits and, consequently, ends up reducing the proportion of risk.

In this betting market, there is a wide variety of promotions that may be interesting for eSports bettors. One of the possible advantages is the benefit of the player receiving free bets as a bonus; Another benefit is the real money bonus, another possibility is receiving cash-back. Free bets give the player the possibility of placing a bet with some type of probability determined in the conditions of the online casino. Objectively, the average value of bets is around 15 to 25 reais.

The bonus can be granted in two ways: the famous first deposit bonus, in which the player receives a percentage proportional to the deposit amount, normally varies between 100% and 200% of the amount deposited. Another possibility is the welcome bonus, which the player receives as soon as he registers and makes the deposit.

Casino legalization

Betting on online eSports is legally permitted throughout the country, and all Brazilians can place them with peace of mind. However, one of the super important things that the player needs to pay attention to is the issue of the Legality of the casino, that is, it is necessary to know if the casino has a registration and certificate granted by standards established by the State of Curaçao, which proves its legality . In this sense, the best-known bodies that grant legal online casino certification are: eGaming Commission and Curaçao eGaming.

Given this theme, so that online players and bettors are interested in improving their betting predictions, these details mentioned can make a big difference. Therefore, choosing a good casino, which provides security, great prizes and quality entertainment games to the registered player, will certainly help the user improve their experience as a bettor, which allows them to improve their guesses in esports.

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