Indonesian Lotteries – Are They Still Suppressed by The Government?

The natural beauty of Indonesia tends to attract worldwide visitors and tourists every year. The exquisite cuisines, resorts, mind-blowing nightlife, splendid beaches, and other lavish amenities keep the tourists and locales engaged. With such a great nightlife and exotic lifestyle, many visitors believe that casinos and gambling in Indonesia is everyone’s cup of tea. But, this is not the case as Indonesia is a Muslim-dominated country, and gambling or playing lotto games is banned here. There are strict laws and punishments for residents who are caught playing lottery games.

But, Indonesian who want to play the lottery don’t have regret as there are ways to play lottery games, and it is via online lottery portals, which we will discuss later in the post.

Is Local Lottery Banned?

The Indonesian government has already announced complete lottery gambling banned back in 2012. So, the lottery is banned in Indonesia, and residents and visitors can’t gamble in this country. The lottery websites were banned and blocked by the government except Lotto Asian which still operates..

But, some websites that follow the set protocols are allowed to allow registration for lottery gambling. The only legal game in Indonesia comes with a license-free lottery. However, lottery gambling is not legal in the country. The nation sustains strict laws in terms of lottery and consumption of alcohol. But, gamblers do play lotto games via online portals that are not registered in Indonesia.

How to Play Lottery in Indonesia?

As mentioned, some gamblers are playing lotto games online. There are many online lottery gambling websites where gamblers can register and start playing the lotto games, regardless of their geographical boundary.

These Asian gambling websites are not registered in Indonesia, and hence they are free from the set gambling laws, rules, and protocols. The websites are easily accessible in the country, and gamblers have to register with the website to start lotto games right from the confines of their house.

Besides, gamblers can enjoy private gambling in Indonesia. But, it is still illegal, and if some is caught playing lotto games in private, they will be punished under the same gambling laws. So, it is suggested that gamblers who want to enjoy playing lotto games in Indonesia need to register with the lottery websites that are not registered in Indonesia but allow gambling. Since these websites are not registered under the strict regulation of the Indonesian government, they are considered legal for gambling. However, gamblers have to enjoy the lotto game online and not in person.

How to Buy Tickets?

After evaluating, it is found that gamblers in Indonesia can also play lotto games via 3rd party websites and applications that are not under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian government. So, here are the steps that gamblers must follow to register and buy tickets for the online lottery.

  • Download the decimated lottery gambling application or visit the website
  • Register with the application using your credentials
  • Add money to your account using different payment modes
  • Use the currency to buy lottery tickets from the application or website

You can check the lottery results on the application or website. In addition, there is a different section where gamblers can check the online results of the lottery game and claim their rewards or cash prize if they win the jackpot.


Gambling or playing a lotto game is illegal in Indonesia, but some tricks allow gamblers to play Stock Lottery online. However, it is illegal in Indonesia, and hence gambling must be done carefully from the licensed gambling websites authorized to allow gambling in the nation.

Gamblers must check the authenticity of the website and its credibility before gambling on the website to avoid online scams.

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