Investing in oil press machine Business in Kenya

The key to success in the cooking oil press business is knowing how to select a cooking oil pressing machine. When choosing a cooking oil press machine, you should consider several factors—machine type, capacity, convenience, quality, and after-sales service.

Here we will assist you in selecting the best.

Choosing a suitable oil press machine for home or business use can be difficult.

As a result, before purchasing an oil press machine, it is critical to consider the following factors.


Because it is difficult to extract oil without heat, some manufacturers will put the product through the oil press twice to collect as much oil as possible. The overhead cost of restarting the entire process loses vital time, energy, and labour, rendering it inefficient.

Investments in press machines that can do cold pressing in a single cycle reduce costs and allow producers to get their products onto the market faster.


The oil press’s capacity is another factor to take into account. What volume of oil do you want to generate? If you need an average production rate for one start-up, you might want to purchase an oil press. This machine is available in various models with oil production capacities ranging from 0.8TPD to 20TPD. It would be best if you got the Integrated Oil Press, which has a range in oil production capacity from 15 to 30 TPD.

The oil press machine’s processing capacity How much oil seed processing capacity are you looking for per day? The processing capacity of various oil press machine models varies. Take this into account when purchasing one.

The price of the oil press machine

It would be best to consider other factors to get the suitable oil press machine price in Kenya. How much do you want to spend on an oil press machine? Aside from price, quality, customer service, brand, and convenience, among others. When purchasing an oil press, most buyers overlook these factors and fail to inquire about the presser’s specific requirements. You can get a high-quality weighing scale by taking these factors into account.

Customer care services and warranty

If you encounter any quality issues while using the product, you will require the manufacturer’s assistance for maintenance and repair. If you have any trouble using it, you must consult with acompetent engineer. As a result, you should select a cooking oil press machine with excellent after-sales service.

A good press machine supplier will provide a guarantee, and engineers will assist you in installing and adjusting the cooking oil press machine to guarantee that it performs optimally. Appliances with a warranty always show how much the supplier ensures the device is durable and guaranteed for a certain period. Therefore, it is advisable to consider these aspects before getting one for your business.

Customer reviews

Even after you’ve decided on a company and a product, the next logical step is to ensure that your product is truly worth the investment. Online certified reviews are an excellent way to determine whether or not people are pleased with their oil press machines. Who better to test it than those who already use it?

That’s all there is to it. If you want to buy an oil press machine, consider all of these factors before deciding where to buy it.


This article discusses the most vital factors before purchasing a press machine. Extraction of oil from peanuts, soya beans, sunflower seeds, and other seeds and products does not have to be complicated. Seek out the most reputable oil press vendors who can supply the best press machine.

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