Is AA for you? This Test Will Tell You!

If you are reeling under the impact of alcohol and yearning to reach out for help, Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings can be of assistance. However, not all cases of alcoholism can be referred to AA gatherings. Some may need medical interventions, regimented substance abuse programs, and much more. So how do you know if the 12 traditions of AA are your magic potion? We provide a questionnaire-based test here that may prove to be of help.

A Self Checking Questionnaire for Determining your Future Course of Action

  1. Have you made up your mind to stop drinking for about a week but given up after a day or 2?—Most people who join AAs make promises to families and cannot stick to them. AA gives them smaller goals like not trying to drink today or maybe till tomorrow.
  2. Have you been switching from one alcohol variant to another in hope of refraining from getting drunk?—Ideally, this is not the way. You may consider diluted drinks, choose to stick to beer drinking alone, or maybe only take to cocktails. You may even consider drinking only on weekends! However, nothing really works! If you drink any beverage that contains alcohol, you eventually get drunk.
  3. Have you developed a tendency where you would like people to just mind their own stuff and not comment on your drinking habits?—If this is the case AAs are best for you. No one in the meeting will actually tell you what to do or how often to drink or not to drink. They will simply discuss their own journey with addiction, including the efforts they are taking to achieve sobriety. You are simply expected to draw motivation from them.
  4. Do you have a sense of envy for people without getting into any kind of addiction troubles?—You may experience regret upon witnessing people who can drink one day and refrain from it the other day.
  5. Did you ever experience using a drink to feel rejuvenated in the morning or to stop feeling disoriented or stop shaking maybe?—This could be proof that you are not a social drinker anymore and it is indeed time to join an AA meeting.
  6. Has your drinking caused problems at home?—If there have been problems concerned with your drinking habits at home, there is much more to the drinking habit than just enjoying a few drinks here and there. There could also be a situation where you may hold your family members responsible for creating a drinking problem. IN reality, continuing to drink may have worsened the problems big time. You may witness some members of AA committees speak on similar lines and relate to them.
  7. Are there Blackouts?—A blackout happens when there has been endless drinking for days and months today. Most of us might have started drinking to counter life problems, maybe for a short term. Before you know it, drinking itself is likely to become a problem on its own. You will find several members of anAA meeting in Hawaii who are dealing with such catch-22 situations.

Self-assess and join an AA meeting as soon as possible for launching a comprehensive recovery plan. Addiction centers are also available for help and assistance, should you wish to join them.

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