Is Instagram right for your brand?

Nearly all business brands are busy with growing natural instagram followers on their business accounts. If you own a business, you likely do it too. However, have you ever thought if Instagram is suitable for your brand? Ask yourself the following questions to find the answer. 

Is your product visually appealing?

Before your launch your brand on Instagram, you need to consider the type of product you are going to display. Instagram is highly visual where people love to be allured by amazing images. In that case, your product needs to be highly photogenic. This is why we see the domination of fashion and food brands on Instagram because they are visually appealing. This is always recommended to be on Instagram as a brand. However, you need to reflect on if your products look amazing on Instagram.

Are you good at photography and video?

Being on Instagram means you have to deal with visual content all day long. Visualization is the big point that differentiates IG from other social networks. Now, you should think about your capability of producing visual content regularly. Remember that humorous captions will not be sufficient if the photography of your product or topic seems dull. If you are not habituated to generate amusing photo and video content repeatedly, Instagram may not be the ideal place for your brand.

Are your customers on Instagram?

This is an interesting thing that different social networks are specifically good for different businesses. If we talk about B2B business or professional networking, LinkedIn is the straightforward winner. When it comes to selling services, Twitter nails it hands down. It is clear that each social network has a particular kind of audience. Now, what about Instagram users? Well, people use Instagram mostly for casual purposes. They like to get entertained and share personal kinds of stuff on the platform. If you are offering something boring that fails to catch people’s eyes, you should think of an alternative. Though Instagram is highly engaging, it doesn’t mean that your customers are here.

What is the age range of your customer?

According to Statista, the age range of the majority of users is between 25 and 34. Besides, the second-largest portion of users is between 18 to 24. These statistics show that Instagram has the biggest young audience around the world. Now, come to your business again. Is your brand offering products that are suitable for youths? Let’s be clarified with a precise example. If your company manufactures button phones for senior citizens, Instagram won’t be an effective platform for your brand. Most users are young and habituated to using smartphones. Age range is a big factor for brands not only on Instagram but also on other platforms.

Are your targeted customer mobile users?

Instagram is particularly designed for mobile devices. About 3.8 billion people in the world own smartphones. The number of users may look appealing and you might think that Instagram is a big market for you. However, if your target customers spend most of their time on PC, it is another issue to consider.

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