Jobs in Riyadh

What Is Riyadh like?

Founded on the site of one of the oldest oasis cities, modern Riyadh is a cultural capital, famous for its modern architecture and luxurious shopping centers. However, many traditions have survived from ancient times, and such activities as bargaining in noisy bazaars and camel racing are still popular among the local population and visitors to the city. However, Saudi job migration legislation is considered one of the toughest in the region. The new reform should somewhat improve the position of guest workers. The new job system, which have taken effect in March 2021, changed the position of approximately seven million guest workers – including construction workers, IT professionals and trade workers. They will no longer need to ask their employer for permission to leave Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and other places or re-enter the country, which is considered one of the most inhumane elements of current legislation.

Specifics of job emigration in Riyadh

To obtain a work visa to Saudi Arabia, a foreign citizen must apply to the embassy of this state. It is worth submitting a package of papers to the diplomatic mission, consisting of:

  •       A valid foreign passport.
  •       Photocopies of all pages of the internal passport of a resident of your country.
  •       Pre-filled questionnaire.
  •       Two photographs. Photo size:
  •       Length: 40mm.
  •       Width: 60mm.
  •       Receipt confirming payment of the consular fee of 14 euros.
  •       Employment contract with the employer.
  •       An invitation letter from the organization. The invitation must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia and the Chamber of Commerce.
  •       Certificate of no criminal record.
  •       Diploma confirming the relevant education.
  •       Conclusions on the passage of a comprehensive medical examination.

The certificate must indicate that the applicant is not sick with the following diseases:

  •       HIV infection.
  •       Hepatitis type A.
  •       Hepatitis type B.
  •       Hepatitis C
  •       Tick-borne encephalitis.
  •       Meningitis.
  •       Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  •       Tuberculosis.

If all the documents are with you, then the visa is issued for exactly the period requested by the employer. Upon arrival in the Riyadh, the employer is obliged to independently arrange for a job permit.

Here are some tips for your past job exrerience description

Indicate it in reverse chronological order, ie start from the last place of work. Here is what is important to add to each sub-item:

  •       the company name;
  •       period of activity;
  •       position;
  •       responsibilities;
  •       professional skills and achievements.

If you are seeking jobs in Riyadh to change the field of activity, indicate your previous work experience, so that there are no gaps in the resume and the recruiter does not have the question “And what did the candidate from… to… year?”.

Candidates often do not indicate their place of work because they worked informally. This, again, creates a gap in the resume and forces the recruiter to ask questions that should be answered in the resume.

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