Kids Get Well Gift Baskets – A Way To Revitalize Your Kid’s Energy

It is common knowledge that if we are recovering from an injury, or just feeling a bit off color, a little pick-me-up always seems to lift the spirits. That might be some pampering, or perhaps a bunch of flowers, anything really that can help overcome the downcast condition and aid us on the road to recovery. For children feeling that way it can be incredibly frustrating, not being able to play with their friends, often due to a lack of energy, as a result of their situation.

A guaranteed way of lifting their energy levels is through eating fruit, but sometimes, despite lots of encouragement, that can be a difficult food source to get them to consume, as their choices become more and more fussy as they get older. There are, however, businesses who recognize this fact and put together kids get well baskets, packed with a selection of goodies, including many of the fruits which do the best; and one such enterprise is Express4Fruits.

Their Hampers and baskets are attractively arranged and full of classic nutritious fresh fruits such as: the very best apples, grapes, oranges, clementine, pears, plums, and bananas; with the option of adding to them if so desired, and delivery can be arranged at the customers convenience. Personal messages can be attached and printed on satin ribbon, which is hand-tied to give it that extra special look. Teddy bears can also be included, along with the occasional truffle (one won’t hurt!) just to give the basket that finishing touch. 

The most obvious answer is weight loss. When your body burns fat, drink smoothies to lose weight, leading to a more toned, shapely figure.

Be Creative

Of course, once the initial excitement of the gift has worn off somewhat, getting the child to actually eat the fruit can be a challenge as, in comparison to the many alternatives available to them, the thought of munching on a piece of fruit can be quite boring. A way to combat this would be to jazz up the fruit meal by being a little creative in its preparation and serving. Fruit smoothies are a great idea or add some chopped up fruits into a plain yogurt.

Introduce fruit as a regular snack item in the form of a stewed or frozen variation or make muffins with fruits inside them. They could also be added to a breakfast cereal so that becomes a regular staple; and having a fruit bowl around the home permanently topped up, will very likely find the children helping themselves without encouragement and before you know it, they are eating fruit on a daily basis simply because they enjoy it. 

Essential Nutrients And Vitamins

There are many genuine reasons why it is so important for everyone, not just the children, to eat fruit regularly. Their abundance in healthy vitamins and vital nutrients contribute greatly to growth in the case of the kids; but also help reduce the risk of serious conditions in adults, such as heart disease and many cancers.

Berries of most varieties, including strawberries and blackberries contain high levels of antioxidants, in particular vitamin C and are very good for keeping the brain active, as they are a rich source of omega 3. Apples are full of a dietary fiber called pectin which stimulate good bacteria, plus a mineral called boron to help bone and tooth strength.

It is quite well known that bananas are rich with potassium, which is good for the heart, but also, they are full of carbohydrates, which for adults is great for muscle power, but also for children it is just as important for the energy that they give to the young body. Oranges and lemons are bursting with vitamin C, as are to a slightly lesser extent peaches and grapes. Pineapples contain a mineral called manganese, which is vital for cartilage in the joints of the bones, as well as being beneficial to the functioning of the brain. 

Overcoming Fatigue

Many people actually fail to gain full benefit from their fruit consumption simply because of when they eat it. If fruit is eaten directly after a meal, it probably will not be digested properly, thus preventing the nutrients being absorbed into the body as well as they should. It is recommended to leave at least 30 minutes between the two. Cucumber is surprisingly a great fruit to help fatigue due to its 95% water content and its nutrient load, which hydrates the body giving renewed energy. Certain fruits can aid sleep, which naturally will assist any fatigue issues, due to containing a compound called melatonin, which induces relaxation. Cherries are at the top of the list for this boost, so a small bowl just before settling down may help do the trick. 

Problems with fatigue in young people in not new, but research does seem to suggest that it is on the increase. This might be because research is more thorough now compared to maybe a couple of decades ago, but there does appear to be a link to a poorer quality in diet. Absenteeism certainly seems to be on the rise with tiredness being attributed as the reason, and many in the teaching profession report that concentration levels in the classroom have dipped, and many put the blame firmly with fatigue and add their concern at the eating habits amongst their troubled students, which noticeably does not include fruit.

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