Knives & Multi-tools for Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Adventures

This is a tool that serves multiple purposes. Multi-tools or multipurpose knives differ between models depending on their size and the number of tools they have.

To find the most suitable multifunction knife for your needs, it is necessary to evaluate not only the type, but also the characteristics and factors that make a model one of excellent quality and durability.

Number and types of tools: Once you know the places you plan to visit or the tasks you have in mind, it is convenient to evaluate the different tools that you will find in the model to choose.

The number of tools depends largely on the brand and what it offers, ranging from a simple one with 8 implements, to knives that pass all 20 tools in one place.

Things like a screwdriver, cable cutters, or handsaw will be just as useful on the mountain as they are on a day-to-day basis.

Build quality and Materials: 

Obviously, nobody wants a knife that will be damaged with just a few uses, which is why it is good to choose a model that is durable thanks to its materials.

Among the materials that stand out, the most are stainless steel, due to its ability to resist weathering and contact with the outside.

On the other hand, they have handles made of non-slip materials, such as plastic or even bone, with a cover that is usually made of synthetic material to facilitate drying.

Use and handling: 

It is useless to have the best knife if it is uncomfortable to use or a grip that is not ergonomic, nobody wants that in the middle of the mountain where you need speed and simplicity in your tools. It is very useful that, to guarantee you have a free hand, the knife can be opened and manipulated with only one.

Other things to consider when choosing a multi tool

As well as the key points of a customizable multi tool, it is also necessary to consider things like its size and weight, so let’s see another series of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing:

Size and weight: Portability is key in activities such as mountaineering, where a small and portable but functional knife will be able to get you out of a lot of trouble. This knife must be compact enough to travel in your pocket in its sheath attached to your belt, in terms of weight, models heavier than 400 grams are not recommended.

Security system: It is important that the knife has a system that allows it to be secured in one position, this will prevent unwanted movements and add stability, as well as power when performing any job, achieving more efficient results, in addition to keeping you protected.

Brand and guarantees: There are brands that simply because of their good quality and the durability of their accessories stand out from the rest; it is not surprising that in lists of knives we always find Shieldon knives, for example.

But, beyond the brand, you have to take into account the warranty conditions offered with the purchase, in general, they offer from a 25-year warranty to a lifetime warranty for the highest-end models.

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