LED panels – buyers guide to a cost-effective future

If you are on the threshold of furnishing a newly built house, renovating and office or a public building, one of the most vital questions is lighting. Lighting is a crucial part not only of the interior design but of the utility of a space and if it’s insufficient, it can be quite dangerous, especially in offices and utility hallways – here’s the solution.

What to consider when buying LED panels

When you’ve decided that LED panels are the right choice for you, there are several things you need to consider before purchasing them. These things are related to your space and the way you can use these panels in your space, some might not be suitable for your location depending on several factors.

They need to be wide and long enough for your ceiling

The goal of a light is to actually work and to actually produce enough light for the space it is taking up. For hallways, large spaces and other locations, it’s quite important for them to be large enough in order to produce the most amount of light for the space that they are taking.

The size of panel is proportionate to the amount of light it can produce for a given amount of space, so if you have a large area to light, getting a panel which is long and wide enough is vital. It also needs to be powerful enough and efficient enough, and if it’s high enough it can produce the most amount of light with the widest cone. 

If, however, the modern ceiling light is low, you can opt for a recessed light which will not take as much space as it would otherwise take. Low ceilings are not pleasant to walk under because they can cause claustrophobic sensations, drawing the air out of a room.

They need to produce enough light for the height of the ceiling

The height of the ceiling is a vital metric for the choice of the panel, recessed panels will be far better for low ceilings because they will be level with the ceiling itself. The ones which are not recessed will protrude out about 4-6 inches from the surface of the ceiling, which is not that big of an amount, but with lowered ceilings every inch counts.

If the ceiling is high, however, non-recessed lights are more than enough and will work fantastic with circumstances where more light is required. High powered LED panels are also a great option for these types of conditions as they can produce far more intensive light, up to 7000 Lumens.

It has to be easy to maintain

The ease of maintenance of LED panels is quite legendary which means they can be safely installed in difficult to reach locations. They will not be required to be cleaned or changed for more than 5,000 work hours at a time, which saves you the trouble of maintenance.

Maintenance is a big part of owning and having long lasting lights, so the fact that these panels save you the trouble is great.

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