Life Online: Where on the Internet can you experience live emotion?

Ten years ago the Internet was a mere form of information exchange. Turn on your computer, type in an address, and send some data/text/photos back and forth with someone across the country or around the world. But how things have changed over the last decade! Now anyone with access to high-speed Internet and a virtual reality interface can join the online world and immerse themselves in a fully digital experience. From shopping to dating, to connecting with friends and family, all of your needs are available 24/7 right at your computer or device.

A few years ago, when large companies realized how profitable it was to quantify the human experience, the opportunity to bring emotions online began. Soon after, people were able to experience happiness, sadness, excitement, and every other emotion previously felt only in person. Now technology has become so advanced that individuals can feel these emotions 24/7 with few negative side effects.

While some may think this is a bad thing for future generations who will never know what it means to be truly happy without feeling emotions online, I believe that the experience is only positive. There are so many people who aren’t able to feel or express certain emotions in person because of fear or other reasons, so having this outlet will not only help these individuals but also improve communication and understanding between others. Now everyone can be excited together, cry together, and experience so many other real human emotions right at their fingertips.

Reliable ways to experience live emotions on the Internet


– Crying over a sad commercial with friends and family via instant message.

– Screaming out in excitement while playing a multiplayer video game with your brother from another state.

– Crying over the loss of a loved one in a virtual reality chatroom with online strangers who would otherwise never be able to experience such an event in real life.

– Playing live casino games online and feeling a rush of excitement when you win a big hand or score a goal in your favorite sports game on

– Seeing someone you know in person out at the movies with their significant other and being able to feel hurt, jealous, betrayed, depressed, etc. all from the comfort of your home without ever having to interfere with their personal life.

– Listening to live music with friends and family via streaming video.

– Giggling as you shop online for new clothes with a girlfriend or boyfriend from another school.

– Screaming out in fear as you watch an unsettling video at 2 AM on your laptop with headphones after everyone else is fast asleep.

– And much more! The possibilities are endless…

As a result of this new fad on the Internet, many haters have been trying to stop it from becoming mainstream. They say that these emotions aren’t “real” and that those who choose to feel them online will never be able to fully experience certain types of emotions in person as a result. But as with anything else in the world, if you don’t like it, don’t participate in it! It’s as simple as that.

As the world becomes more digital, it’s important to remember that technology should not replace the world around us but should instead help to improve it. We can all gain so much from experiencing live emotion right at our fingertips, and the future of the human race depends on it.

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