Living Room Ideas For Compact Spaces

Nowadays, property values have reached the sky, and most people can afford only a small and compact home. A home needs to accommodate all essentials required by the family members to keep them comfortable. When it comes to a small compact home, it is difficult to accommodate all types of furniture as it overcrowds the room and reduces the walking space. It is challenging to furnish a living room in a compact home without wasting space. One has to use smart ideas and thoughtful furniture placement to make a tiny living room appear bigger than it actually looks.

In order to make the most of a small living room, it is essential to work on the layout and plan your furniture placements in such a way that it allows free movement and, at the same time, serves the purpose. Wakefit provides you with a wide range of modern living room furniture that stays fit and compact, providing you with the best comfort in any tiny space. Here are a few ideas to make your living room look spacious and easily accessible in compact homes.

Cut the clutter:

It is important to cut down all the unnecessary accessories like huge showpieces, floor stands, etc., which takes up too much space in the room. De-cluttering can make the room feel spacious in seconds. It’s time to get rid of the stuff you barely use to feel airy and free. Keep your room neat and tidy so that it doesn’t look shabby and unorganized. A shabby living room can never have enough space as things are never going to be in their allotted area ever. Remove unwanted toys, huge speakers and knickknacks that will immediately make your space look bigger and give a pleasant feel. Once you have all your accessories neatly arranged and in their own place, it is easier to find space for something else.

Scale your furniture in proportions:

Analyze the dimensions of your room and how much furniture it can hold before you buy any furniture for the living room. Picturise the layout in your mind and work on the furniture sizes before buying essential furniture like sofa sets, tables etc., If you have a small living room, it is not wise to go for a huge sofa that fills almost the entire room and your floor space. Opt for a small two-seater or three-seater sofa set which fits rightly. You can also use a coffee table at an awkward corner where you can place any other furniture. Apart from these, it is important to choose the right proportions of furniture. For example, a large teapoy cannot be matched with a small sofa. Think of the size that is appropriate before you buy your furniture.

Create a focal point in your living room:

A focal point is the point that gets the most attraction in the room. Usually, of all living room furniture, the sofa set is the piece of furniture that draws everyone’s attention and is considered as the focal point of the room. It is wise to start your planning from the focal point. Choose the type of sofa set online and size that you could accommodate first, and the rest of the furniture will eventually fall into place. You can also place a chandelier or an overhanging pendant light over your sofa set so that it draws more attention and feels pleasant to use the sofa. You can add stools and cushions when guests visit in case there is not enough space for everyone to sit.

Add bursts of colour:

Colour contrasts and colour themes are implemented on furniture to make it look bright and lively. A subtle coloured sofa with bright and flashy cushions can feel modern and attractive to the eye. You can also use suitable types of fabrics for chairs depending upon the interior décor. Adding colour creates a balance between the furniture and the cramped space of the room. You can also go for a bold and vibrant theme in a small space, but make sure you balance it the right way by adding subtle curtains and blinds. A bright colour enhances the mood and spirit of the room and makes you feel lighter and happier.

Go for compact and smart furniture:

Compact and smart furniture is the type that can be used for various purposes, thus saving a large amount of space. You can use the corners to place bookshelves without occupying too much space. Try using corner study tables as well, which help you use the unusable areas of the room effectively. You can customize a wardrobe down the stairs that could act as a storage unit for your kids or other accessories. Opt for a shoe rack with compartments to keep your shoes, brushes, polishes, and waste cloth so that you do not need to allot a separate space outside for them.

Play with heights and try floating furniture:

The trick here is to free up the floor space and use floating furniture to store things. You might need some storage here. A wall shelf or closed floating cupboard would be able to serve the purpose. Also, when it comes to showcases and bookshelves, it is better to use wall shelves with or without doors to store them. One could avoid stocking up showpieces and trophies in a separate showcase instead of going for a wall shelf with many open compartments to display each one of them.


A compact living room can be easily converted into a stylish place by using smart and trendy furniture. It is important to use sleek furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space. Using contemporary style furniture helps save space as they are not too bulky and easily fit your premises. Try placing large pieces of furniture against the wall so that you don’t break the open space in the middle. Most of all, make sure the furniture blends with the theme of the room and interior décor. Every piece of furniture in the room should complement each other to give an appealing look.

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