“Luvmehair’s Black bob wig, Closure wigs, and Curly wigs”

  1. Black bob wig:

A black bob wig is everyone’s favorite because it compliments each complexion. A black bob wig should be your choice if you’re tired of using colored hairpieces and now wanted to return to the natural color. This bob looks exquisite and no other color can beat the power of black. The black bob wig looks sophisticated yet eye catchy. Its natural shine and sleek strands let you flaunt your styling game. I’m sure you’re also searching for the best bob wigs then you must give them a try at Luvmehair. 

Why Luvmehair?

At luvmehair, you’ll find a huge variety of bob wigs with different textures and colors. These bob wigs are super affordable and made of human hair so their reality game is up.  Black bob wigs can’t go out of trend as they will be a valuable investment that you can use on and off according to mood. 

If you think that bob will always remain bob and you can’t get enough of it then you should read the benefits of black bob wig below to know more about black bob wigs. 

Why choose a black bob wig?

  • Black bob wigs offer versatility in styling. You can make multiple hairstyles by using a black bob wig. You can also add some hair accessories while styling your black bob wig to get an appealing and mod look.
  • A black bob wig is most suitable for a monochrome styling theme. It’s best to wear in the office where you can’t flaunt colored hair.
  • Black bob wigs boost your confidence and enhance your beauty so you can stay confident.
  • This bob wig is pretty much easy to install. It requires no extra effort and plenty of time for its installation.
  • If you’re short hair or bob lover than rather cutting your natural hair you should opt for a black bob wig to get an instant short look.
  • It’s the best choice for those people who suffer from hair thinning. As bob fits to head while concealing the scalp and bald patches so you can stay confident.
  • Wearing a black bob wig can actually save you time in styling and bring a fun element to your look.
  • A black bob wig is easy to care for and maintain as you don’t need to worry about its color fading.  Long hair requires much effort and time for care but bob doesn’t require that much effort.
  • A black bob wig looks real because of its natural color and if your black bob wig is made of human hair from Luvmehair it will be the cherry on top because due to human hair texture it will look real unbelievably.
  1. Closure wigs:

Closure wigs come with a temple-to-temple installation of lace. It lace is sewn in U-shaped so it can cover your temple. The lace size can range from 4×4 to 7×7 inches. This means you’ll get a closure of 4 inches from the front and 4 inches from the back. Closure wigs are favorite among newbies because of their affordability and quick installation. Luvmehair has various types of closure wigs that come in different styles; and textures. 

Luvmehair’s closure wigs:

Closure wigs from luvmehair are made of virgin human hair that looks amazingly real. It lets you opt for multiple hairstyles and provide an elegant look. A closure wig is the best way to conceal bald patches on the scalp. At luvmehair, you’ll find two types of closure wigs; adhesive and sew-in closure. You can get them according to your preference.

Important considerations:

Before getting into the purchase of a closure wig, we gonna tell you some tips that you’ve to keep in mind to get the best closure wigs.

  • Size:

Make sure you get closure wigs that best fit your head. For this, you need to measure your head from ear to ear and temple to temple to get the best-fitted closure wigs. Ill-fitted closure wigs look absurd and can be easily detected. So adjust the closure wig tightly on your head for the complete look.

Ill-fitted or tight closure wigs can keep you uncomfortable all day long and you can’t enjoy your closure wig. 

  • Style the closure:

You should style your closure wigs in a way that seems like your natural hair, not an extra hairpiece. Get closure wigs that are made of human hair and that don’t look fake because of unnatural color. 

  • Material durability: 

Choose a durable closure wig. The lace should be of good quality so it didn’t tear off and the wig must be made of virgin human hair. You can also go for sew-in closure wigs for maximum durability and protection.

  1. Curly wigs:

Curly wigs are in vogue for a reason. These wigs alter your straight hair look into curls and instantly give you a new horizon of beauty. Curly wigs should be opted to change the boring regular look. If you wanted to buy the best curly wigs then you must visit Luvmehair. Here you’ll have human hair-made curly wigs that are super affordable. 

Curly wigs at luvmehair are available in different textures, sizes, and shapes so you can get them according to your preference. Luvmehair promises to deliver quality by assuring no tangling and shedding of hair strands. To make your investment valuable and long-lasting you must know some prevention for curly wigs to increase the life span of the wig. 


Here we gonna tell you some of the prevention for curly wigs so the wig can stay like new.

  • Invest in human hair wigs:

The best thing to increase the life span of your wig is to go for premium quality human hair-made curly wigs. For this, you can visit luvmehair because there you’ll only find top-notch quality human hair wigs. Curly human hair wigs remain tangled-free and ensure no shedding even after excessive use.

  • Don’t wash too often:

Another tip for the longevity of curly wigs is that you should wash your wig once a week. Often washing the wig can lead to dryness in curly hairs that lead to tangles and frizziness. If you wear the wig just once a week then don’t wash it. Make sure you’ve worn the wig almost ten times then wash it. It’s not recommended to wash the curly wigs after every use.

  • Say NO to dye:

Although you can color human hair wigs but remember excessive use of everything is bad. A dye may not damage your curly wigs after the first session but if it’s prolonged, it can start damaging the cuticles and damage the hair strands which can lead to hair shedding.

  • Right product:

Using the right wig product for your curly wigs can actually change the game. If you avoid the harsh ingredients-based product to washing your wig, your curly wigs can stay for longer, new, and full of luster.

  • Proper storage:

After using the curly wigs you must store them properly so they can stay safe. Store the wig away from direct sunlight, dirt, and damp place. Proper storage can also increase the lifespan of curly wigs.

  • Don’t sleep with a wig:

Never go to sleep while wearing curly wigs. If you do so, there are chances that it can get tangled; dryness and curls may lose their pattern which ultimately makes you throw your wig. So if you want to get rid of tangles in curly wigs then always take it off while going to sleep.

Follow these basic yet mandatory steps to take care of your curly wigs because healthy curls are happy curls.

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