New in IPL wagering: Explore Winmatch’s Game-Changing Updates for Guaranteed Wins!

IPL fever is gripping cricket fans everywhere as we gear up for another thrilling season of cricketing action. This year, the teams look stronger than ever, full of big names and about to break numerous records. In addition to the excitement of on-field battles, there’s another record waiting to be broken – the prize for big wins in cricket betting.

Alongside the cash, Winmatch, the best online cricket betting site in India has rolled out some cool new features for IPL betting. These features not only enhance your IPL cricket betting fun but also increase your chances of winning big. In this blog, we’ll uncover all the latest cricket betting features from Winmatch for IPL, so make sure to read till the end.

In-Play Betting: 

Winmatch has revolutionized the in-play betting experience for IPL cricket betting lovers. Unlike traditional in-play online betting, Winmatch’s advanced features offer a wide range of advantages that maximize the excitement and potential winnings.

One standout feature is the real-time data analysis, providing users with instant access to crucial match statistics and insights. This empowers users to make informed decisions on the go, maximizing their chances of success.

Moreover, Winmatch offers a unique cash-out option, allowing users to lock in profits or minimize losses before the conclusion of the match. This flexibility adds a new dimension to in-play betting, giving bettors greater control over their wagers.

Additionally, Winmatch’s in-play betting platform offers an attractive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and place bets seamlessly during the heat of the match. 

Live Enjoyment

One of Winmatch’s standout features for this IPL season is Live Enjoyment. With this feature, users can immerse themselves in the excitement of live IPL matches. Stay connected to all the action, from thrilling boundaries to game-changing wickets, in real-time. What sets Winmatch apart is its innovative live scorecard, enhanced with top-notch graphics. This feature not only enriches your IPL experience but also helps you to make well-informed online betting decisions. The live match statistics and insights, empower you to analyse the game and strategize your bets effectively. 

Ball-By-Ball Gaming: 

Another great feature for cricket betting on Winmatch this IPL season is the Ball-By-Ball feature. This allows you to bet on each ball of the game and predict the score on an over-to-over basis. It’s perfect for those who want immediate results and enjoy being deeply involved in the game. For those who enjoy being deeply involved in the action and want instant feedback on their bets, Ball-By-Ball Gaming is the perfect choice. 

Daily Cashback:

In this IPL season, Winmatch has introduced the Daily Cashback feature, offering users bonuses and cashback rewards on a daily and weekly basis, with potential rewards reaching up to ₹50 lakh. Additionally, users can enjoy extra bonuses during happy hours, instantly boosting their bankroll for more online betting action.

But that’s not all! Winmatch offers a range of other exciting offers for cricket betting enthusiasts. From a 100% welcome bonus to loyalty points, losing bonuses, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while betting on cricket. With Winmatch’s diverse range of offers, users can maximize their betting experience and enjoy added benefits with every wager placed.

Biggest Prize Pool: 

Cricket betting lovers know that the real excitement lies in the prize money. And this IPL season, Winmatch has taken the thrill to new heights with the introduction of the biggest prize pool yet. Not just 1 or 2 crores, but a stunning ₹10 crore up prize pool is there per match! Yes, you heard it right. With Winmatch’s mega prize pool of IPL, you now have the chance to become a crorepati in a single game.

Bet on your favorite team or player with ease, knowing that you’re vying for a shot at the massive prize pool. With such enticing rewards on offer, the excitement of IPL cricket betting reaches high levels.

Leaderboard Fun

In this IPL season, Winmatch brings an exciting opportunity to boost your cricket betting experience through the Leaderboard feature. Climb the ranks and claim the top spot on the leaderboard, and you could be in for some fantastic rewards. Each week, the leaderboard offers thrilling prizes such as iPhones, Apple Watches, and more. Participating in the leaderboard adds an extra layer of excitement to your IPL cricket betting journey. 

Live Chat Feature: 

If you’re new to cricket betting or have any questions during the IPL season, Winmatch has you covered with its Live Chat feature. It’s a simple and convenient way to get assistance whenever you need it. Whether you’re unsure about how to place a bet or encounter any issues on the website, you can reach out to Winmatch’s customer support team through Live Chat. Within minutes, they’ll be there to assist you, offering guidance and resolving any concerns you may have. With Live Chat, you can chat with a real person in real time, without any hassle. 

Fastest Withdrawal 

The real excitement of cricket betting comes when you have your winnings in your hand. With Winmatch’s fastest withdrawal feature, you can get your money instantly. This IPL season, when you win a bet, you can withdraw your money in just 60 seconds, and there are no charges for the withdrawal.

You can withdraw your winnings through multiple payment options, specially designed for Indian users. These options support Indian currency, making it easy for you to get your hands on your winnings without any hassle. So, enjoy the thrill of winning and have your money ready when you need it, with Winmatch’s fastest withdrawal feature.


Winmatch has raised the bar for IPL cricket betting with its wide range of innovative features. From Live Enjoyment to Ball-By-Ball Gaming, Daily Cashback, and more, there’s something for every cricket lover. With Winmatch, the excitement of IPL season is heightened, offering not just entertainment but also the potential for substantial winnings. So, explore the features, and make the most of your IPL online betting experience with Winmatch.


Q. 1) When is the IPL season going to start?

Ans: The IPL season is set to start from 22nd March, with the opening match between Chennai and RCB.

Q. 2) Can I place bets on IPL games through Winmatch?

Ans: Winmatch offers online betting options for IPL games, providing users with a platform to wager on their favorite teams and players during the IPL season.

Q. 3) Which site is best for IPL cricket betting in India?

Ans: Winmatch is the best online cricket betting site in India to bet on IPL, offering a range of features such as Live Enjoyment, Ball-By-Ball Gaming, and Daily Cashback, enhancing the overall online betting experience for users.

Q. 4) Are there any special offers or promotions available for IPL cricket betting on Winmatch?

Ans: Winmatch frequently introduces special offers and promotions during the IPL season, including bonuses, cashback rewards, and leaderboard competitions, providing users with additional incentives and opportunities to maximize their winnings.

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