Onion Oil for Hair: what are its benefits and the method of preparation?

Nobody’s hair health is ever completely satisfactory. We all lament our hair, especially now with stress, pollution, and diet. If not that, then someone is always talking about thinning, dandruff, or dryness, and someone with straight hair, curly hair, or both are always complaining about volume. Ah. A never-ending list of hair problems. 

There is a magical component that has been hidden in plain sight, just like there is always some hair issue that is scaring you. ONIONS! Have you only been using onions in your delicious curries? They not only add incredible flavour to your curries but also have some incredible hidden potential. To learn more about the non-dietary advantages of onions and products containing them, such as onion hair oil and shampoo, read this article. 

What are the uses of Onion Oil for Hair?

Although onions and products like onion hair oil and shampoo have become very popular in the hair care sector, our grandmothers have always used onions as a key component in their haircare regimens. The numerous nutritional advantages of onions aid in preventing a variety of hair issues and bolstering hair. Here are all the benefits of using onion shampoo and hair oil on your hair:

1. Faster hair growth: 

Onion shampoo and hair oil can assist to activate the enzymes that cause hair growth on the scalp. As a result, hair can grow more quickly through an accelerated growth cycle. Hair fall can be reduced and the hair can be strengthened by massaging this herbal hair oil on the hair.

2. Reduce breakage and thinning of hair:

Your hair can form a link with sulphur that will aid in strengthening it. Because onions are high in sulphur, utilising onion hair products like shampoo and oil can prevent split ends, breakage, and thinning hair.

3. Treats dandruff:

Dandruff is one of the most difficult hair issues that people of all ages and genders have to deal with. The antibacterial and antifungal qualities of ayurvedic hair oil with onion aid to lessen infections brought on by dandruff on your scalp.

4. Helps balance the pH of Scalp:

Typical shampoos are basic in nature and frequently disturb the acidic pH of hair. Onions, however, have an acidic pH. Therefore, using shampoo and onion hair oil helps to balance the pH of the scalp.

5. Helps to reduce Premature greying of hair:

Greying of hair can often be inevitable. However, you can slow down the process of greying with the help of the properties of onion. Onion hair oil and shampoo contain enzymes that can help reverse hair greying.

6. Help moisturise the Scalp & Hair:

Other carrier oils must be used in the best onion oil for hair. This mixture has the potential to be a superb hair conditioner. It improves the texture of hair and lessens frizz.

Onions include elements that are good for hair, including potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamins C, B9, and B6. These nutrients, in addition to their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, turn onions into wonder products like shampoo and hair oil.

If an element that has been there in front of you can offer you so many advantages, we believe it is worthwhile to learn how to turn that substance into an oil. Learn how to make homemade onion herbal hair oil by reading on.

How To Prepare The Best Onion Hair Oil At Home?

Making the best onion oil for hair from scratch is worth the time because onions appear to have a variety of advantages for the hair. Let’s get going.

Things you will need:
  1. Onions
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Vessel to boil the oil in
  4. Strainer
  5. Funnel (optional)
  6. Container to store the oil
Step 1

Wash and peel as many onions as you like. They can also be cut into quarters or halves.

Step 2

These onions should be washed and sliced before being placed in the blender. They can also be grated, but it would take more time. You can begin heating the oil once the onions have been processed into a paste (don’t worry about the consistency).

Step 3

Add coconut oil and onion paste to a container. Slowly begin to warm the oil. For the coconut oil and onion, nutrients to blend nicely, heat the oil for around 10 minutes. After some time, turn off the stove and leave it to cool overnight at room temperature.

Step 4

Take the coconut oil and onion paste mixture. Sift the mixture through a sieve to remove all but the oil. This procedure could take a while because the thicker the mixture, the slower it will flow through the sieve.

Step 5

Pour the filtered herbal hair oil into a bottle for storage using a funnel. For six months, use this oil.

Tips to make onion oil more effective:

Tip 1

Always remember to mix the potent onion hair oil with a decent carrier herbal hair oil. Because of coconut oil’s great qualities—not just as a carrier oil, but also for hair—we have suggested using it in this recipe. Deep scalp penetration by coconut oil promotes hair development, strengthens hair, and gives hair a gloss. Since they were young, many Indians have used coconut oil, which is the key to their long, beautiful hair.

Tip 2

By including additional natural ingredients like curry leaves, aloe vera, Brahmi, hibiscus, and other such nutrient-rich components, you might potentially make this onion oil even more healthy. All of these components’ potent benefits when combined can greatly strengthen your hair, aid in damage healing, and promote hair growth.

Tip 3

Another well-liked method for assisting products like onion oil to deeply permeate the scalp is hot oil treatments.

Making the most of the oil’s benefits requires heating it to a specific temperature. Once a week, thoroughly massage this oil into your scalp to experience its wonderful effects.

Although the numerous advantages of utilising onion oil are sufficient incentives to manufacture one, the numerous stages and exact instructions can get a little intimidating. People rarely have the opportunity to manufacture their own oil from scratch, find the time to treat themselves to a spa day and continue doing this every week in this fast-paced society. Therefore, buying onion hair oil and shampoo is a quick and wise solution.

Why Tru Hair Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo are the right choice for you?

The only reason you would choose to put in the effort is to ensure that your onion hair oil and shampoo don’t include any dangerous chemicals, unlike most items you can buy at the store. This is why Tru Hair presents you to a selection of goods devoid of dangerous chemicals, such as onion hair oil and shampoo.

The goodness of 12 uncommon Ayurvedic herbs, including curry leaves, Brahmi, rosemary, methi, and more, is contained in Tru Hair’s Onion Hair Oil. To provide you with the greatest advantage, these uncommon components blend all of their nutrients into one Ayurvedic hair oil. To easily heat your oil to the ideal temperature, Tru Hair also includes the first hair oil heater in the world. You may treat yourself to a hot oil treatment akin to a salon visit every week with the Tru Heater!

Onion Conditioner, Protein Serum, Overnight Hair Mask, Onion Hair Oil, and Shampoo are among the Tru Hair products that contain onion as a primary ingredient. You can easily remove scalp buildup with onion shampoo and nourish your hair with the hair mask. 

By incorporating these organic products into your hair care routine, you can get the most out of this star ingredient. You’ve been crying over onions for so long that it’s time to use them to make your hair unbelievably joyful. With each application of the Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo, watch your hair perform a happy dance as it gets the ultimate glow-up!

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