Popular casino games and marketing strategies you should know

Measuring global social distance has paved the way for the popularity and profitability of social casino games. According to market research firm Statista, social casino games have been a big hit in the United States. The pandemic has closed nearly 1,000 casinos. According to forecast data, the social casino industry will generate $ 6.2 billion in Global Game Revenue (GGR) by 2020. This number will increase to $ 7.5 billion by 2026.

However, winning the jackpot should be even more difficult in the next 12 months. Market movements and competition are intensifying as more traditional gambling companies and casinos enter the market.

We’ve put together a guide to show you insights into the mobile casino gaming market.

  1. Get to know different types of casino players

When you first market a casino game, you need to understand who your audience is and what motivates them to play. The types of casino players that need to be differentiated to be targeted are:

Excited casino player

For these casino players, it’s all about excitement. They were inspired by the thrill of playing casino games rather than making money. When marketing to these types of casino players, it should be emphasized that the game is exciting and fun is everything.

Casual Casino Player

Like other gamers, these Master Casino players want to take the time to relieve the stress of their daily lives.

Social casino player

For many casino players, the social aspect of casino games is very important – they want to play with friends or other users.

Multipurpose Casino Player

After all, some casino players appreciate all of the above – the excitement, relaxation and social aspects of casino gaming.

Unlike real money gambling apps, social casino gamers never get bonuses. Instead, they gain new experiences within the app, such as unlocking new slot machines, bonus games, and competing with competitive players. Until now, developers have been circumventing the strict regulations that come with it due to the lack of financial returns. With online gambling and electronic slot machines

Video gambling machines, on the other hand, are designed to ensure intensive gaming and consistent spending. Social casino applications use different strategies derived from traditional games and social networks. Interruptions are closely related to the design of each application and manifest in different ways.

Slotomania often interrupts players between jackpots and streaks to encourage players to share their luck. When launching Slotomania and DoubleDown Casino, players must explore multiple launch screens. A screen to promote a new channel. Special currency and event announcements will inform players about the day’s daily activities and deals. 

This will be highlighted and placed before reaching the main channel. Large icons take up most of the game screen. For a short period of time, players have to navigate four different screens to access the slots. This is a clear advancement in the strategy of casino machines, designed to avoid barriers between gamblers and gamblers.

In a social casino, all players are considered winners. Most importantly, the reward is the frequency of the game. One mechanism borrowed from freemium games is the “daily streak,” where users unlock additional rewards when they play for days in a row. The biggest prizes, such as a large distribution of virtual coins, are reserved for the seventh day. Another important retention strategy is the use of push notifications on your phone. When enabled, app notifications will notify players about new events. New features or other attractive app return offers

  1. Choose application ideas wisely

Creativity is everything in the marketing of casino games. HD graphics and visuals are a great way to attract users and simulate a real casino experience. Video simulators can be used in games such as roulette and blackjack and include dealers to enhance the realism of the game. This is because mobile casino games are often the famous virtual slot machines in Las Vegas. You need to reflect this in your ads. It’s all about vibrant colors and gorgeous images that require the user’s attention.

Bring it to life with the famous layout of coin-operated slot machines. Of course, don’t forget the cash. Dollar bills and coins attract casino players. Make your creativity as local as possible. This helps reach viewers around the world. This is especially important for ad text. Translates into different languages ​​and optimizes the text for cultural relevance. The final piece of advice for casino game creators is testing. Pay attention to A / B testing as it is a scientific way to evaluate creative performance. 

After creating the pattern, you will notice the change after a lot of thorough testing. For example, ads based on red, blue, and yellow may perform better. A 15-second video ad leads most users to conversions. This kind of information helps us come up with formulas for creating creative products that work every time.

  1. Audience Segmentation: Targeting Similar Audiences

Finding and acquiring quality users is an important part of marketing and monetizing casino games. This can be achieved by targeting lookalike audiences.

Here’s how it works

Simply put, lookalike audiences are audiences who are likely to be interested in your mobile casino games. Because it is similar to your existing user base. The key is to identify some paying users (high LTV users) and high engagement users, those who are actively playing your game. You must upload your mobile gaming user data to Facebook and define the commonalities of your users such as interests, characteristics, behaviors, demographics, location, etc. You can then target users who are “viewed” by your premium users

With Facebook, you can create up to 500 similar audiences and exclude specific audiences. Because it targets a specific group of people. Therefore, there should be few similar audiences. Audiences will be keenly interested in casino games.

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