Popular lotteries: Their rules and advantages

Lotteries are a very ancient concept and they have prevailed in a direct or indirect manner for not less than a thousand years till the present time. This is confirmed by the fact that casting lots have been mentioned in the Holy book of the Bible as well. If we talk about cash prize originated lotteries, there is not much evidence regarding them, but it is a guess that they came from Italy. 

Towards the end of the 16th century, the Lottery was referred to as Lotto de Firenze in Italy, and the idea of lotteries then started spreading to the other cities in Italy and then ultimately all around the globe. Today also, the term “Lotto” is used for Lotteries. 

In old times, lotteries were played mainly for goodwill and charity or for other purposes related to society such as for the construction of roads, bridges, or schools.

Modern Time Lotteries

Today, people irrespective of their age and gender and of all the nationalities enjoy taking part in lotteries. Playing lottery games comes with several perks, like the joy and the hormonal rush a lottery can give to the players, having a chance of winning the jackpot and becoming a millionaire is the reason why lotteries are so widespread. 

In India, it used to be very difficult for people to enjoy lotteries but now it is easy to buy and play online lotteries in India. In the USA itself, the purchase and graph of sales of lottery tickets have boosted into a business of more than a billion-dollar. The tickets for lottery can also be purchased for around one dollar also. 

If somebody is willing enjoy any online lottery, so he can do that also, because many new and secure sites are coming up which make this game simple and within reach of the player, without even sacrificing any homely comfort. 

A very important thing to note is that lotteries are totally based on luck and there is absolutely no way of predicting any win or jackpot for anybody.

Types and Rules of Lottery Games

From time to time, lottery games get newer updates to catch up with the demands of the lottery players. This is indeed a good thing because it prevents people from getting bored by playing the same monotonous game over and over again. 

Little Lotto, Lotto,  and other instant games are few of the most basic kind of games which obviously are preferred by people to play anyday. One of the most popular games are instant games due to their fast pace. There are scratch-off ticket games and bingo also in instant games.


It is considered to be the original and authentic lottery game and is amongst the most famous ones. The method of playing the lotto game is that the player has to mark any preferred 6 numbers on his ticket which can be done by making squares on the ticket. Out of the total of 53 numbers present on the ticket, when 6 of them are marked by the player, the ticket is supposed to be handed to the lottery agent. 

The numbers which have been picked by you would then be entered by the agent in order to enter in the game of lottery. In order to claim for the winning lottery, you need you would require your ticket, so it is advisable to keep it at a safe location and memorize it. 

The agent is just another human being, so you yourself cross-check the numbers which have been entered so that you do not miss the win due to some blunders in the digits. 

Once the rules of the game of Lotto are well understood by the player, the next query comes up about the chances and probabilities of winning or loosing at the Lotto game. 

If we consider the total prize money and talk in the same context then it totally relies on the ratio between sales and tickets sold. This means if the number of tickets sold is very high so the prize money will also be huge. 

Another context is the context of odds. This is no different than the previous context as here also the sales are considered. Since there are a huge number of people purchasing the tickets, so this means that you have to fight with all those in order to defeat them and win the jackpot. 

Instant Games

Since Instant games are just like their name, that is, fast-paced, so people prefer playing them a lot. Lottery games like Lotto and many others, take a lot of time to announce results, but these games do not demand this much time from the player. The only requirement of the instant games is a ticket with randomized numbers.

These random numbers are then called out and the player has to scribble them out if it matches with any of the one given in the ticket. That player wins who has all the numbers from the ticket crossed out.

You must be familiar with the most popular instant game Bingo. There is no age or gender bar to play this game and people even enjoy it alot. One major fact that the player needs to keep in mind is that these games are truly and fully random in nature and so there is no particular skill that might be required in order to win in these types of games.

Keeping everything in mind, there still are a few things that can be followed to increase the chances to win. First and foremost, the player must purchase a maximum number of tickets. The more the number of tickets are, the more will be the odds of winning the game. In case you are not that well off financially, so you can ask your family and friends, and then all of you can purchase the tickets together. Out of all the tickets, if any of them wins, the money can then be divided amongst the group itself. 

Second thing which can be followed is that, the odds must be looked at while playing instant games. The odds differ from game to game, so one must carefully look into the odds very carefully.


Over the time lottery has become very popular amongst people in order to win jackpots and take risks. But being thorough with all the rules, odds and types is very important, as it helps in increasing the chances of winning. 

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