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The pandemic has forced people to do everything from home, including playing online slots. There are thousands of games to choose from and play. All you have to do is deposit money, play, and win rewards bonuses, and cash. Many games are free and don’t require any money.  While some require money and gives you chances to win big returns. The free games help in polishing your skills and even help the amateurs to practice slots. The games which involve monetary transactions have more benefits and rewards. We review two of the most played PG slot games today.

1. PG Slot’s Candy Burst

Inspired by the two famous games, Bejewelled Blitz and Candy crush, candy crush is all fun and unique.  This game is set in a cluster wins format, i.e. it has got no pay lines. Placed in a 6X6 grid, this slot allows wins when a player matches four or more symbols in any position.

Even though the game doesn’t offer any wilds, but the winnings are huge. Cascading wins on the other hand allows the winning symbols to get substituted with new symbols and mystery bonus symbols. This increases your chances of winning.  To make things more fun, candy burst also offers free spins bonus round activated by a gummy bear. This round also lets you multiply your bonuses.

The theme, gameplay, and graphics

Filled with sweet candies, sweet rockets, and gummy bears, candy burst serves the theme of candy land. The simple soundtrack of the game is catchy and unique. The graphics of the PG slot game is colorful, simple yet won’t seem boring. Each candy is designed properly and will give out a 3-D effect.  After, winning you will be displayed various visuals as a celebration. This game happens to be extremely simple yet incredibly sweet.

Bets, Rewards, and Bonuses

The candy crush happens to be a mildly predictable slot game. It has a high RTP rating of 96.95%. the game has several features. They get activated mostly when the Cascading Wins feature is in motion.

Special symbols

When there is a winning combination caused due to 5 or more symbols, there are 3 special features unlocked. They appear to replace the winning symbols although each has its unique power.

  1. Gummy rocket

The cluster of five symbols gets rewarded with the gummy rocket. all the symbols of the row or column are exploded when the gummy rocket is in position.

2. Chocolate bomb

The group of six symbols gets the prize of a chocolate bomb. This will help in the explosion of the nearby symbols from the place of the chocolate bomb.

3. Mystery sweet

You will get awarded the mystery sweet when you match 7 or more symbols to form the winning combination. Mystery sweet allows another random feature to get activated which will follow by its action of exploding symbols.

4. Combinations

When a group of special sweet symbols explodes together, it unlocks huge rewards and bonuses.

5. Free spins

Land three or more gummy bear scatter symbols to activate 10X free spins. These will also double your winnings. Whereas the candy burst feature will multiply your winnings by 10X.

Candy burst allows you to place bets from 0.02 to 50.00. Every horizontal or vertical match of four or more symbols results in a win.

To draw a fair conclusion, we can say that candy burst has a package of attracting bonus. This PG Slot game is quite classic and easy to play.

2. Leprechaun Riches

If you want to be around good fortune and green gems, then leprechaun riches is your slot game to play. You get a new friend, a leprechaun who will need your help to place some of his treasured objects and possessions around six cascading reels. It is packed with everything you need, from free spins to scatters and multipliers. If you are wanting to increase your balance, then welcome to the emerald isle and play PG slot‘s most famous game, Leprechaun Riches!

The Theme, storyline, and graphics

This slot game delivers high-quality graphics with high-end visuals. Leprechaun Riches will give you an excellent gaming experience with huge bonuses and stunning rewards. The 6X6 game is set on a trunk of a tree above the door of the Leprechaun’s house. The bright symbols bring out the dark simple trunk background effortlessly. Once in a while and during bonus rounds, you will notice the Leprechaun wave, nod, and say words of encouragement. The green color is throughout the base including the key features and symbols are created with different hues of green. Even the total win amount and number of free spins are color-coded with the green color.

Bets, rewards, and Bonuses

This PG Slot game is marked as a medium-volatile online slot with the average RTP turning out to be 97.35%. players can win good bonuses and rewards frequently if they play right.

Leprechaun Riches doesn’t use the general pay line system. Every spin provides random symbols on each reel. This provides different ways to win. Players can get rewarded after there is a match of symbols across adjacent reels. These wins will get multiplied by the matching symbols that are there on each reel while you continue playing.

Some spins will have symbols surrounded by a silver frame. If any player can match those symbols and form a winning combination, then it gets replaced with different symbols market with a golden frame. The matching of the latter will unlock wilds symbols as one continues to play the game.

Four scatter symbols across reels will allow free spins to get activated. This will reward the players with 15 free spins.

Players will enjoy this bright game with great rewards. For both amateurs and players looking for great graphics, this game is a must-try. Even though the game might look a little intimidating at the first glance, it’s quite enjoyable. There is good fortune and prizes to win on the Emerald Isle!

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