Pressurized Solar Water Heater Features that will make your Life Easier

This device is also called a high-pressure solar water heating system, and it functions regarding its name. High-pressure water conditions enable it to be heated to higher temperatures in the tank.

This article will major unpressurized solar heaters, their functions, and critical features. It will also help you understand the water heating cycle and some guidelines on purchasing a standard pressurized solar how to replace a water heater.

The increased demand for solar-made products in the last decade has risen rapidly. This is due to the continued increase in electric bills and other forms of energy. Due to this twist from using alternative forms of energy, it is beneficial to master some of the critical features of solar water heaters, specially pressurized ones. Below are some of the significant elements:

Glass tubes

Pressurized solar water heaters are made of glass tubes mounted with solar panels and copper rods.

The mounted solar glass tubes heat the long copper rods, transmitting the gained heat to warm the water inside the solar tank. Water pressure is equal to tap water, and it remains constant during the heating cycle.

Thermal collector

It is made of thermal conducting connectors. The conducting connector comprises a vacuum tube, a thermal transfer wing made of aluminum, and a heat pipe that facilitates phase changes.

The solar water heater can withstand pressure because the interconnected water tank, heating pipe, and vacuum pipe are empty and do not contain any liquidized fluid.

Heat pipes

Their function is to heat water in the solar tank. They first absorb heat solar energy and then facilitate its conversion to heat energy. Heating fluids flowing through the pressurized solar water heater copper pipes and the water that is being heated don’t come into direct connection.

Pressurized systems

They have a pump that facilitates water circulation and an enclosed loop. Through the pump, water inside the pipes constantly flows through the collectors mounted with solar panels, and the water is heated and gets hot. This system enables the availability of hot water that flows out of the tap always.

Below are some of the advantages of pressurized water solar heaters:

  1. Luxurious and hot showers due to the high water pressure
  2. Users can adapt and quickly master the water temperature variance, which is at first high, then changes to low.
  3. It works efficiently with installed water pumps.
  4. One can fit the collector’s inaccessible and more appropriate locations. This includes placing them far from showers and taps.
  5. One can use alternative tanks and collectors for storage. This is due to the welded pressurized tanks, which require high frequency for welding. The alternative storage tanks can be connected directly to the water system. The direct connection enables water to run automatically.
  6. There are reduced energy bills, and this is because, during summer, it can cater to heating the water you need.
  7. It is also environmentally friendly.


If you are thinking of going solar and need to learn how pressurized solar heaters work, this article has stated some of the benefits of these heaters. Pressurized solar water heaters can be an ideal alternative form of domestic energy for you.




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