Quick and Easy Tips in Buying a Hedge Trimmer Machine

If you want to reshape your hedge or make it look neat, a hedge trimmer machine should be your companion.  We all know of the hand hedge cutter that is used in most homes.  Aside from that, hedge trimming machines exist that are easier to use, primarily for significant scale purposes.

How Much Do You Know about Hedge Trimmer Machine?

A hedge trimmer machine is a device used in the garden for pruning bushes and hedges.

They can be categorized as either manual or powered.  Manual trimmers are designed as giant scissors and are ideal for occasional small-scale trimming.  They are easy to operate, and most are environment friendly with low costs.

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Power hedge trimmers are powered by gas, battery, or electricity.  They allow work to be done quickly and with minimal effort as compared to manual trimmers.  For the safety of the users, these trimmers only work when both hands are on the handles.

Power hedge trimmers are either cordless or corded depending on the source of power used.  Cordless trimmers come with batteries that have to be charged and exchanged from time to time when needed.  The batteries make this trimmer to be heavier than other trimmers.

We will focus on powered hedge trimmers for their efficiency in intensive and extensive landscaping jobs.

Gas-powered hedge trimmer

A gas-powered hedge trimmer uses fuel and oil to function and produces more power than electric motors.  Movement is not limited while in use.  This is due to fuel expenses and the regular maintenances of the gas engine.  This hedge trimmer is ideal for large lawns requiring heavy-duty trimming.

Electric-powered hedge trimmers

Electric-powered hedge trimmers have to be connected to a power source constantly to function.  They are lighter and affordable as compared to gas-powered hedge trimmers.  They do not produce any emissions to the environment and cannot be used in wet environments.  The power cord in use decides the distance from the power source.

Factors to consider when selecting a Hedge trimming machine

There are a few things that you need to consider:

  • The depth and height of the shrubs and hedges
  • The side of your yard
  • Gas vs. electric powered
  • Cutting capacity of the trimmer
  • Ease of use
  • The amount of landscaping you have

Safety Guide

There are rules to follow before using any hedge trimmer.  This is to ensure your safety and also make your work easier.

  1. Put on protective wear.To protect your eyes from dust and injuries from work, ensure you wear protective eyeglasses.
  2. Lubricate your trimmer.The trimmer’s blades need to be lubricated every time before they are used. You can use oil or grease and apply it on either surface of the blades.
  3. Always hold the trimmer facing away from you.Whether the trimmer is on or not, the blades should not be pointed towards you. The safest place for you is behind the trimer and edges.

An image showing how to hold a Hedge Trimmer

  1. When in use, always handle the machine using the auxiliary handles. Some of the latest trimmers come with a brake blade feature that instantly stops the trimmer when engaged.
  2. Do not be in a hurry.It is safe to always work in slow and steady movements around your hedge. You should perform your way up the fence to get the best results.  Do not force your way through thick bushes.
  3. Trigger the safety lock button anytime the trimmer is not in use. This lock feature prevents it from starting unless the trigger is disengaged.
  4. To avoid paying the high hedge trimmer machine price in Kenyafor repairs or new purchases, always have periodic breaks when using the trimmers.  The breaks prevent the motors from overheating


A hedge trimmer machine is a vital device to own, especially for those with gardens and flower fences.You have to understand which trimmer is necessary for the work you have.  Safety

is critical when handling and using this machine. Consider using gloves and safety boots.

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