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Real Estate Lead Ads Using Facebook: A Result-Driven Marketing Strategy

Real estate brokers have been using Facebook advertisements for years, but Facebook lead ads have changed the way the business collects leads.  

Facebook lead advertisements allow you to get leads in real-time, which is a big benefit in real estate, given the importance of timeliness.  

Even a few minutes can mean the difference between getting your next big commission and losing out to the competition. 

The Power of Facebook Real Estate Lead Generation 

If you aren’t already using social media to generate high-quality real estate leads, now is the time to get started.  

Facebook is an excellent way to demonstrate your ongoing efforts in marketing properties and to attract not only potential real estate seller leads, but also buyer leads. 

A photo or video is worth a thousand words on Facebook and other social media platforms. Sharing professional-quality images and videos of your listing or a company-owned listing increases your chances of result-driven lead generation. 

The Importance of Lead Generation in the Real Estate Sector 

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any real estate agent’s business. Agents that have a good lead generation strategy may alter and iterate it to get a steady stream of clients, whereas those who don’t should expect to be constantly looking for their next sale. 

A lead is simply another term for a buyer or seller with whom you’ll be working on one major transaction: the sale of a home. 

Before selecting you as their agent, you want those buyers and sellers to know what you can accomplish for them. After they become aware of you, you can now consider those buyer or seller leads. 

For successful lead generation Dubai, a lead for a real estate agent must be:  

  • Willing to exchange contact information with you (such as a phone number or email address) for follow-up purposes 
  • Interested in buying, selling, or renting a home  
  • Financially qualified to buy or rent  

Create Successful Real Estate Facebook Targeting Strategy  

Your Facebook marketing strategy should be focused on developing custom ads for every stage of the home-buying process, from search through closing. 

Make sure your Facebook advertisements and follow-up are personalized to each stage of the home-buying process for successful lead generation. This is how the home-buying process looks, and you should create advertisements for each stage. 

How Facebook Lead Ads Can Benefit Your Marketing Campaign  

Real estate brokers may use Facebook lead ads to engage with customers who are already searching to purchase or sell a home—all from within Facebook. 

These ads may appear to be standard Facebook ads, but they also include a sign up button and a lead form, allowing agents to capture the interest of engaged prospects while they’re still on Facebook. 

         Here’s a simple example… 

Let’s imagine you’ve recently put a new home or apartment on the market like Pembroke Pines apartments. You create a Facebook lead ad that targets potential leads based on demographic data like geography or income.  

On both desktop and mobile platforms, the targeted leads will see the ad as they scroll through their newsfeed. If someone wants to learn more, they can click on the ad’s call to action. 

After you click the CTA, a “context card” with extra information about the ad or your brokerage will emerge. The card will also collect other information about the lead, such as the area in which they wish to purchase a home or a certain price range.  

Their Facebook contact information will be pre-populated, and they can submit it with a single click. 

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