Red or blue pill? – The toughest decisions in video games 

The controversy surrounding the ending of the Mass Effect trilogy showed this – we want to have choices in video games and create our own stories. We want to decide how and if we will destroy the enemy at all. Game developers know this and are addressing it more and more. Decisions, however, can go beyond a simple “should I sneak past the enemy now, or hit him from behind?”. As in real life, decisions aren’t always easy and it’s increasingly common to find yourself stopping in front of a screen and not knowing how to decide.

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Sometimes you have to choose between two lives, and sometimes you have to choose between your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. These moments become more and more difficult as you get more immersed in video games. We’re becoming more and more immersed in worlds and getting closer to the characters. The closer the games get to real life, the more difficult the decisions will be. We’ve put together for you the ten most difficult decisions in video games in a picture gallery. What were the most questionable judgements in your gaming career? Leave a comment as well.

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