Save yourself from phone scam:

There are many ways to know the identity of an unknown calling number. If you have any doubt about the caller, you can call them back and ask to know who is calling. But if you are busy or you are not sure if the call is important, you can get the identity of the caller by Googling the number or by using other sites.Many of us have been victims of phone scam. These scammers use telephone numbers which are from known or trusted companies to make it difficult for you to pick up the phone. But now if you are getting a call from an unknown number, you can quickly know whether it is a scam call or a genuine business call.Must visit on for completely free reverse phone lookup with name.There are a lot of people and businesses who are in the habit of calling people to sell their products and services. Often, these calls are for selling a product which you don’t really need. These people make use of the phone to get in touch with their customers and call them repeatedly to get their business done. In case you are getting repeated calls from a particular person, you need to be cautious.

Stop unknown callers in their tracks:

Many of us have been there before — we’re somewhere in public and our phones ring, we look down at the caller ID and it says “Unknown”. We’re not sure whether to answer or not, so we ignore the call and hope for the best.These sites can be a great help in identifying the caller and getting rid of unnecessary calls. But it is not just about the annoying calls but also about the safety of your family.Let me introduce you to a cool new site called the findpeoplefirst site. The site is available on both Android and iOS and is very simple to use. After installing it, you can add your existing contacts, or add your friends via Facebook and other social media. The site offers three ways to identify unknown callers.Well, you can install a new site on your smartphone which will tell you who’s calling you, even if you don’t answer the call. This new site is called True Caller. True Caller is a free mobile site available on both Android and iPhone. It is easy to use and gives you the details about the callers you receive, whether you choose to answer their call or not. It provides their name, photo, and location, if possible.

Protect yourself from harassment and phone fraud:

With the increasing use of technology, the problem of phone frauds and phone harassment has also increased. Many people are being harassed and threatened by unknown callers. If a person is a victim of phone harassment, then he/she can contact the local authorities, but it is a time consuming process to reach the right authorities.The call blocker can be used to block calls from any unwanted person or number. While it blocks calls, it also provides a detailed report of the blocked calls. You can make use of the call blocker by simply dialing *67 before the number that you want to block. While you are in a call and want to know the details of the person calling you, simply enter *57 to know the details of the person who is calling you without answering the call. It is a great way to protect yourself from unwanted calls. .

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