Several commonly used processing methods of plastic products

Injection molding:

This method of injection and molding is also known as injection molding. There are many advantages of plastic injection molding, which are summarized as fast production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, variety of design, simple shape, small size, accurate product size, convenient product update, complex shape, etc. And suitable for mass production, complex shape products, and other injection molding  processing fields.

Advantages of injection molding process: 

  1. Low cost, high mold cost, but low cost per piece;
  2. High quality, high surface accuracy, small shape error of the same batch of products;
  3. Suitable for mass production;

High production efficiency, the 30s-60s/ piece.

Blow molding

Blow molding: the melt thermoplastic material extruded from the extruder is clamped into the mold, and then air is blown into the raw material. The molten raw material expands under the action of air pressure, fits the mold cavity wall, and finally cools and solidifies into the desired product shape. Blow molding is divided into film blow molding and hollow blow molding two kinds:

1, film blow molding

Thin-film blow molding is to extrude the molten plastic from the circular gap of the die at the head of the extruder. At the same time, compressed air is blown into the thin tube cavity from the central hole of the head, and the thin tube is blown into a larger diameter tubular film (commonly known as bubble tube), which is rolled after cooling.

2, hollow blow molding

Hollow blow molding is the secondary molding technology of blowing the rubber-like blank closed in the mold cavity into hollow products by means of gas pressure, which is the method of producing hollow plastic products. Hollow blow molding according to the blank manufacturing method is different. There are extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, stretch blow molding.

1) Extrusion blow molding: extrusion blow molding is to use an extruder to extrude tubular billet, while it is hot to clamp it in the mold cavity and seal the bottom, and then into the tube blank cavity compressed air blowing forming.

2) Injection blow molding: the blank is obtained by injection molding. The billet is left on the core die of the mold, and after the mold is closed with the blow molding die, the compressed air is passed through the core die, and the billet is blown, cooled, and demoulded.

Advantages of blow molding process: 

Uniform wall thickness, small weight tolerance, less post-processing, small waste corner; Suitable for producing a large batch of small fine products.

2) Stretching blow molding: the blank that has been heated to the stretching temperature is placed in the blow molding mold, lengthways stretched with the stretching rod, and transverse stretched and blown with the compressed air blown to obtain the product.


1, film blow molding is mainly used to manufacture thin plastic mold;

2, hollow blow molding is mainly used for making hollow plastic products (bottles, packaging barrels, watering cans, fuel tanks, cans, toys, etc.).

Extrusion molding

Extrusion molding is also known as extrusion molding, mainly suitable for thermoplastic molding and is also suitable for better fluidity of thermosetting and reinforced plastic molding. Its molding process uses a rotating screw, will be heated melting of thermoplastic raw materials, from the required section shape of the head extrusion, and then set by the stereotype, and then through the cooler to make it cold hardening, become the required section of the product.

Process features:

  1. Low equipment cost;

2, simple operation, easy to control the process, easy to realize continuous automatic production;

3, high production efficiency; Product quality uniform, compact;

4, by changing the nose die, a variety of section shapes of products or semi-finished products can be formed.


In the field of product design, extrusion molding has strong applicability. Extrusion molding products are pipe, film, bar, monofilament, flat belt, net, hollow container, window, door frame, plate, cable cladding, monofilament, and other profiles.

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