Signs That Your Employment Rights Are Getting Violated

Workplaces are one of the most critical aspects of our lives. One would expect their workplace to be free of discrimination and other employment law breaches. In the workplace, every professional is responsible for being aware of employment rights. It would benefit one by eliminating workplace disputes and protecting themselves from any violation. 

If you face any violation in your workplace, it would be in your best interest to contact a Las Vegas Employment Litigation Attorney. Every employee has the right to freedom, the right to work in a safe workplace, the right to equal pay, etc. If these rights are violated, penalties for non-compliance could be significant. 

Common workplace violations

  • Unpaid leaves 

Every employee has the right to obtain paid leaves. The number of leaves may differ based on the workplace. However, many companies have a ‘use it or lose it’ policy. The policy states that an employee who fails to use the paid leaves might lose those entirely and would be required to get approval for unpaid leaves. This policy is illegal in many states. 

In such cases, the employer must pay the employee for the unused accumulated leaves in case of their termination. If you have been denied paid leaves even after not using the accumulated leaves within a year, it is a sign that your employment rights are getting violated. 

  • Workplace discrimination 

Workplace discrimination is one of the most common types of workplace violations. Many acts and laws prohibit unequal treatment or discrimination against any employee within a workplace. One should not discriminate against any employee based on race, gender, age, religion, or nationality. These acts not only protect the employees in the workplace but also ensure that there is no discrimination in the hiring process. 

If you have faced any discrimination or unequal treatment based on any factor in the workplace, it would be necessary to contact an employment litigation attorney in Las Vegas. If you sense that an employee is discriminating against you, you must record or document their conversation, report it to your superiors, etc. 

  • Misclassification 

An employee could be exempted or not, based on their designation and income. One would be paid for working overtime or working a few hours after their shift. The company and different workplace laws determine if the staff is exempt or nonexempt. 

One can know if they are exempted from overtime or any other by reviewing their company policies. It is necessary to see the exemption policies since they can directly affect the employee’s income. If an employee is denied overtime earnings, it is a clear sign of workplace violations. One must seek help from a commercial attorney in Las Vegas. 

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