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Before starting to talk about the two most complete platforms that can be exploited directly on the Internet, we would like to make a clarification. In the previous paragraphs, those dedicated to apps, you will have noticed that we have always emphasized the possibility of going to the official website . Browsing a platform on the Smart TV browser means just that.

Suggestion: You can simply log on to go movies and 123 movies website to watch free movies.

By opening the Browser Application , you can enter the URL of the site you are interested in, and take advantage of its video content. Ultimately, if you have any difficulties with downloading the apps, you can always refer to the official website. In this section, however, we are dedicated to platforms that do not have an application in the store, and which still remain in a clear minority.

MyMovies Live

This platform is very reminiscent of the service offered by the cinema , and differs from the classic use of streaming films. To access it you will need to register with your details, which will allow you to book the movie. In fact, MyMovies Live provides a list of films that will be broadcast at a set time.

In order to book the viewing, you need to have an account. The places for viewing, just like in the cinema, are limited, and for this reason we tend to talk about a virtual room . If you wish to access on-demand content instead, you will need to make a paid subscription, called Unlimited

PopCorn TV

Even this service remains very valid for the use of free streaming movies. We can say that the offer is divided between the contents accessible without registration, and those that instead require it. In this second case, we are still faced with the creation of a free account, which will see the simple entry of your data. As you can see, in fact, there is also the possibility to log in with the Facebook account.

PopCorn TV’s offering consists of television series, international films and soap operas. To select free content, once you are on the site, all you have to do is check the Free item , and then select the genre of your interest. The screen will then offer you all the titles related to the genre you have selected, and you can scroll through them using the directional arrows on the remote control.


This is the last service that can be used both through the official website and through the dedicated app, to be downloaded in the store. However, since the application is only available for Android TVs , if your operating system is different, you can go to the platform’s website. Also in this case, the vision of the contents is completely legal , and the range of offers is really very wide.

In fact, on VVVVID, in addition to movies, you can also browse between different entertainment contents and the most famous television series. Once you land on the platform, all you have to do is enter your data for registration , totally free. In this regard, you will notice the access directly with Facebook, without having to enter your data by hand. As soon as you have carried out this step, you will be able to immediately access the categories present in the Home , which will guide you to your favorite contents.


Another valid application you can talk about is definitely Veazie.st, which unlike the other apps, does not have an official website to access. In fact, it is not a common streaming platform, like the ones we have seen so far. The service offered is quite different, but at the same time very complete. The only limitation is that Veezie.st is only available for Android TV , and not having a dedicated site, it is impossible to access it in other ways.

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