Soak Up the Power of the Sun! How to Clean Solar Panels

As green energy becomes increasingly popular, several homeowners have jumped on the bandwagon and installed solar panels on their roofs. Eager to save money on their electricity, they decided solar panels were a wise investment.

Once they’ve completed their solar panel installation, though, people often think that’s the end of the process. Now they can sit back and absorb the benefits of solar panels.

Without proper maintenance, though, solar panels become dirty. Those dirty solar panels become less efficient, and potentially cause problems with the entire network. So, we’re giving you tips on how to clean solar panels. Read on to learn more!

Common Blockers and Problems

Properly managed solar power can provide you with tremendous long-term savings on electricity. As such, you must watch out for things that can block panels or even cause them damage.

One of the first things to watch for is a buildup of leaves on your solar panels. This buildup will most likely occur during the fall months, but it can happen during other times of the year, too. There are many programs in Washington that take a huge percentage off your installation cost of solar panels in washington state.

Leaves block sunlight from striking your solar panels, thereby making your panels less efficient. Another significant issue is water buildup. This problem primarily affects flat panels, though. Angled panels make the rain work for them by rolling rain down and cleaning dust from their surfaces.

The worst contender against your panels is bird droppings. Not only do bird droppings block light from panels, but they also risk getting into the wiring and causing issues.

How to Clean Solar Panels

The trick to cleaning solar panels is ensuring you’re not too rough on them. The last thing you want is to risk damaging them. Because of this, it’s best to clean with water.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a good idea to pressure wash your panels, we recommend avoiding it. It’s okay to use a regular hose with standard water pressure, but you don’t want to use high pressure and damage the wiring.

If you’re dealing with trickier issues like bird droppings, a non-abrasive sponge should solve the problem. If you use a hose and a light soap, like what you’d use on your dishes, you should be able to remove bird droppings from the panels.

Call in the Professionals

While it’s possible to clean solar panels yourself, you’ll get the best results by calling a professional solar company. If the company that installed your panels offers cleaning services, they’re likely your best choice.

Professionals know how to get the best possible cleaning while also handling your wiring with care. They’ve experienced all sorts of issues that occur with panels and know their way around them.

Understandably, you may not want to pay for services. However, if you damage your panels while cleaning them, you’ll pay much more for repairs.

Take Steps to Clean Your Panels Today

If you were wondering how to clean solar panels at the start of the article, hopefully, you’ve got some answers now. The primary tactic is regular maintenance. If you prevent little issues from building, you can go a long way to keeping your panels in top condition.

Energy produced by solar panels can be stored in batteries for later use. They also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by offsetting the need for use of traditional coal-fired power plants. We hope you enjoyed this article! For more like it, check out our other content today!

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