Son Heung-min Cautioned By His Coach For World Cup

Son Heung-min, who is the best star player on the South Korean team right now, has been duly cautioned by his coach and mentor, Otto Addo, who is also his Ghana manager.

The Ghana manager, who goes by the name of Otto Addo and also happens to be the coach and mentor of Son Heung-min, has taken the initiative of cautioning him regarding the seriousness of the event at hand, the World Cup. For the uninitiated, Son Heung-min happens to be the upcoming star player in the South Korean camp, having a great many expectations placed on his shoulders.

Coach Otto Addo, incidentally, was the one who discovered Son Heung-min. He saw potential in Son Heung-min and appreciated him for it. The incident occurred during his time spent in Hamburg in the role of coach. Therefore, at this point in time, he considers it to be his responsibility to ensure that Son Heung-min performs to the very best of his abilities in the World Cup and is able to meet the great expectations that have been placed on him by everyone. Even, TimesOfCasino’s reporter express the positive hopes for the South Korea after Son Heung-min’s comeback.

His current game plan, as he shares, is to give his young discovery and protégé the complete freedom to play his natural game. Along with that, in his opinion, the winning factor would be to assist him in further improving upon his key and basic talents. In his view, the actual encashable qualities of Son Heung-min are his power of perseverance and sheer dedication toward himself and the game at hand. This is what he will be working on.

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