Special Destination In Sharjah For Tourists

There are several attractive places in Sharjah waiting for you. Here we will mention some of them. Rent a car Sharjah because of which you will be able to complete your tourism in little time.

Al Noor Mosque

There are more than 600 mosques in this city but the Al Noor mosque is famous in all of them. In this mosque, there are different sections for males and females. The male (men) section has the capacity of up to 1800 people and the female (women) section has the capacity of up to 400 people. So a total of 2200 people can easily perform the prayer at one time.

One of the secrets of the beauty of this mosque is its dome which looks very attractive from the exterior. The interior decoration of the mosque is on the next level when you see the dome from inside its looks very beautiful and also it is about 31.5 meters high in height. In the interior, you will see the calligraphy of verse from the Holy Quran which is written with great skill.

After visiting this mosque you can ask an Islamic and cultural question from the guider. Also, they will tell you all the history of this mosque and about the amazing architecture.

Al Montazah Park  

This park is present in Sharjah. Al Montazah Park contains both facilities as this is the water Park as well as an amusement park. This is the reason that this park attracts a lot of tourists and local people which include kids too.

When you want to enjoy the water park of Al Montazah that is a cool idea because there are several latest slides with neon ring lights. If we talk about the tickets of this iconic park it is different for different ages of people. For an adult, it is about AED 150, and for kids, the ticket is decreased to AED 120. Kids less than 80 cm in height are free to enter this park.

To visit Al Montazah Park without wasting any time just book your favorite car through Rent a car Sharjah.

Sharjah Desert Park

Located in Sharjah desert park, Arabia’s wildlife center hosts several animals including the Arabian Oryx, the United Arab Emirate national animal, and the Arabian leopard. You will see the region’s famous big cats. This is the indoor zoo which is the best place to visit with the family.

There is a museum inside Sharjah desert park. In this museum, you can gain knowledge about how different animals live in the desert.

Apart from this, there is a children’s farm at Sharjah desert park. With the help of which your children will see the beautiful interaction with domestic animals and birds.

Visit Sharjah Archaeology Museum

If you want to know about the history of Sharjah visit the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. In this Museum you can see all the discovered artifacts of Sharjah. Archeology tells us that people lived in this city thousands of years ago.

Don’t Miss Sharjah Art Museum

This is the United Arab Emirate top listed art museum in which Arab top artists take part. Visit this museum when you want to see the beautiful arts. Rent a car Sharjah with the help of which you can explore all the places in some days.

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