Splash into Fun Rides & Attractions at Laguna Waterpark

Tourists with a Dubai visa, are you worried about the Dubai heat? Dubai being a desert city, temperatures are always high, but the industrious people of Dubai know how to beat the heat and also have fun with it. So, the best way to beat Dubai’s heat is through water parks. Dubai is home to some of the most amazing waterparks and the best of the lot has to be Laguna Waterpark. From breath-taking slides to mesmerising attractions, you have it all at Laguna Waterpark. Here is what you can enjoy at this amazing place: 

The Crazy Rides & Slides 

What makes Laguna Waterpark the best water park in Dubai are the crazy rides and slides. There are 4 zones at the park – Surf, Slide, Splash, and Relax – and based on the themes, you will find the slides. Once here, you must try exciting rides like Manta. This has such steep turns you’ll feel like you are in zero gravity. Another exciting slide worth trying is the Free Fall. Just like the name suggests, you get to experience a free fall in a glass capsule. In the Constrictor slide, you will feel an outer space journey as you go through a dark tube illuminated by coloured LED lights. This is quite an experience. 

For the young ones, there is the Splash Zone full of giant buckets of splashing water, mini-slides that are exciting yet safe, and splash pools where they can jump in and enjoy the water. Laguna Waterpark takes care of everyone. 

The Wave Machine 

There are only 3 WaveOz 180 FlowRider wave machines in the world and one of them is Laguna Waterpark. So, if you have ever dreamt of learning and becoming an expert surfer, this is your chance. The Wave Pool is 180 degrees in design so it can have two people on a bodyboard or surfboard at a time. The wave pool creates some fast, bumpy, and exciting waves that will make you feel you are in the ocean. The great thing about WaveOz 180 FlowRider is that professionals and first-timers will enjoy it just the same. 

Relaxing at the Infinity Pool Lounge & Cabanas

Having fun and adventure is important, but relaxing is just as important, and Laguna Waterpark has you covered for this with relaxing water park attractions. The Infinity Pool lounge is where you enjoy the infinity pool if you want to get into the water or just kick-back and relax on the many lounges by the infinity pool. This area is located near North Beach and is just as popular as the rides as people are also looking for a calm atmosphere. 

Nearby, there are also many cabanas and you can book one for your family and friends if you are looking to relax in style. These cabanas are beautiful and designed for you to have conversations and laughter with your people. You can also order some tasty drinks and refreshments, and enjoy the views of the Arabian Gulf.  

Dine at the Restaurants and Cafes 

After indulging in all the water park activities, you are going to get hungry. Swimming and playing in the water are one of the best things you can do to build an appetite and to satiate that appetite, head over to the many restaurants and cafes that are inside Laguna Waterpark. These places are run by excellent chefs and cooks and you can enjoy a variety of foods and beverages that are going to taste even better after having fun at the water park 

Retail Therapy at Laguna 

There are also some souvenir shops and retail stores inside the water park where you can go and buy t-shirts, swimming trunks, towels, and other essentials for you to have a good time at the water park. You can even buy some sunscreen and avoid getting tanned by the harsh sun. These shops also have many sporting goodies for famous teams and brands. Laguna Water park is so amazing that you can also enjoy shopping here. 

When you are here, you won’t find a better water theme park in Dubai than Laguna Waterpark. Coming here is a must if you want to have a good time.

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