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Growth is a crucial aspect of every business. Small and large companies are looking for opportunities to market their business and remain ahead of the game. There are many methods of promotion that companies employ to grow. Although large corporations invest in advertising across every medium, smaller businesses are faced with an issue.

Digital has taken over every sector of our lives. YouTube was a surprise to many when it launched in 2005 as a marketing platform was a surprise to many. It is a paradise for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. YouTube subscribers from across the globe benefit from the platform.

YouTube is an integral component of the many actual YouTube subscribers. Creators who create videos with new content and help the channel have become a major component of YouTube’s platform. The content produced by them boosted likes and views provided by a service like SubPals. YouTube views and consequently the number of people who use the platform grew each year. To help users, especially those creators, YouTube introduced several options. Here are some recent features released by YouTube to the benefit of its creators along with its users!

For the creators

Four new features YouTube recently introduced have been released to video creators. The features were first revealed in the most recent edition of the ‘Creator Insider’ magazine and were designed to improve videos and allow creators to control their channels. If you’re a creator, here’s how you can make use of these new features to your advantage.

How often is your target audience online?

One of the new capabilities of YouTube was introduced in April 2020 in the form of a preview only, and it was later made available for all channels. With this feature, creators are granted access to information that lets them know what time their audience is active. It identifies the hours of the week viewers are most active on the channel. This feature assists creators in deciding on the appropriate time to broadcast live streams to increase YouTube views. Channels and creators who utilize this feature can select and set the best moment to upload their content following the audience’s online hours. Although the quality may appear like the ideal method to boost viewership, YouTube has announced no definitive evidence to suggest that it’s a great strategy.

Review any inappropriate comments

Comments make up a large component of YouTube. It lets creators realize that their fans have an opinion to voice. Every person does not have an identical opinion on content. At the same time, some viewers expressed favourable views about video content some shared objectionable content that could undermine the integrity of YouTube. As soon as the feature ‘Hold Inappropriate comments for Review’ was launched, YouTube flagged comments experienced an increase of 75. The comments were submitted to be reviewed, and before marking them as inappropriate was an option. The new feature will make holding inappropriate content for review a default option on YouTube to help creators manage comments and enhance the quality of conversations. If the setting is changed to the default setting, creators will notice the YouTube Studio that their settings have changed. The feature is accessible across all platforms. YouTube hopes to add 13 additional languages to increase its effectiveness in identifying indecent comments.

Community posts are scheduled for the calendar. posts

YouTube is an online platform that has improved its offerings to its users through the decades. Every new feature they launched was the idea of the experts who work at their headquarters. YouTube is a firm believer in its users and welcomes valuable feedback, a crucial aspect of their growth. One of the features they offer is the ability to plan community posts that are currently accessible on your computer’s web main application. It allows you, as the creator, to create the community post to indicate a later publication date. The majority highly requested the feature of creators.

Video chapters

One of the chapters released for all networks is the new video chapter feature which allows creators to divide the video into chapters. The breaking down of the video into various chapters lets the creator increase and enhance the user experience. As a creator, if you wish to utilize this feature, include a timestamp in your video description and ensure that the first one begins with “0:00”. It is important to remember that your video should have three chapters. And each chapter must not be under 10 minutes. You can turn off this feature, too. All you need to do is use any other than “0:00” as the first-time stamp in your video description.

For users

It’s not just video creators who are behind the development of YouTube. Without its users, this platform wouldn’t have seen its growth over time. YouTube subscribers show their appreciation also, which is why some of the features below were added to improve their experience on the platform.

Video chapters

The feature of video chapters not only assists creators in enhancing the quality of the content they create and improves the viewing experience. The feature allows for viewers to skip to a specific part of the video or watch an area they would like to return to watch, and much more. The new feature is available by every YouTube subscriber and comes with an index that can be accessed by clicking the chapter’s name within the player. By clicking on it, you will be able to view an entire listing of the chapters in the video along with thumbnails that allow the user to navigate to the chapter with ease. This feature does not just save time by moving to the section that the viewer would like to view and enhances the viewer’s viewing experience tremendously.

Streamline player

YouTube has seen a variety of changes throughout the years. Every modification is in the best interest of its viewers. One example is the change for the caption buttons with an even more prominent position on the player. It is worth noting that the Caption Button (CC) is now located at the uppermost part of the player (Mobile). This was done to make it easier and make it easier for the user to turn it on or off when required. Alongside it being located next to Caption Button, the AutoPlay button has been moved. It’s now located beside that of the Caption Button. The change in the position of these buttons was done so that the user can find it easy to locate the controls, rather than navigating around the player while the video continues to play.

Gesture controls

Experience for users is an important element of any app, and to improve the user experience, YouTube introduced gesture control within their apps. This feature offers greater control over the content for the viewer. It allows viewers to leave the screen entirely by swiping either up or down. The current film is in the landscape when you swipe up, while the down swipe plays with portrait orientation. Additionally, pressing on the timestamp permits users toggle between different video versions.

Suggestions for actions

Many aspects of YouTube are not yet known to a lot of users. Staying up-to-date with each app component isn’t easy for most users. To assist customers, YouTube has also launched ‘Suggested actions which enhances the experience of watching videos. The suggested actions will prompt users to view the video in VR or turn the phone to provide a more enjoyable experience. For example, if the video you’re watching is best enjoyed in landscape mode, you’ll get an action that says, “Rotate. The suggestions can be removed when you press the “X” displayed alongside the suggestion. Only the suggested actions aid viewers, but YouTube plans to include additional suggestions.

Reminders for bedtime

It’s easy to become lost in the sea of video and can be a challenge to break out of. As a person who watches, you might be captivated by all the videos you love and then continue to enjoy them, not realizing that you’ve been there for hours. It is possible to avoid getting trapped within YouTube by using the YouTube Bedtime Reminders feature. The feature lets you create reminders that will remind you to stop watching videos. These reminders can be scheduled at any moment that is suitable for you. It is also possible to trigger this feature to inform you to consider having time out.

YouTube continuously changes its features and introduces new features that enhance the experience for its creators and viewers. True YouTube subscribers can take advantage of the new features that are available to them. The new features offered by YouTube are intended to assist both creators and YouTube subscribers. This will enable the creators to give a more enjoyable user experience which will, in turn, improve the creator and the viewers as well as YouTube itself.

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