Thailand is Openly Discussing the Possibility of Bringing Casinos & Its Tech to the Country

Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is ready to destabilize his thoughts over gambling, which he earlier opposed. He said that “the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has caused these illegal gambling dens to emerge across the country, and it seems to be a perfect sign to legalize it.”

According to reports, PM Prayut believes that combating gambling is challenging, and eradicating it will take much time. Hence, he has decided to chair a public meeting to discuss the possible outcomes of legalizing gambling.

Serious discussion held around gambling

The Prime Minister, in his discussion, said that before diving into the possibilities of the gambling industry, the prominent question is whether it is morally acceptable to legalize gambling or not.

The discussions around the development of casinos aren’t something new in Thailand. The talks regarding the same have been held for years now. Earlier, the topic was raised by the Veteran Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016, who served as the King of Thailand for years. Before this, the esteemed Las Vegas Sands Corporation had a keen interest in stabilizing the gambling industry in Thailand, majorly Bangkok.

Is gambling illegal in Thailand?

The country for a long followed the Gambling Act of 1935, barring the introduction of casinos or similar platforms of gambling. However, casinos like operate anyway offering excellent video slot and table games services.

Aside from this, only the exception was allowed on the state lottery and betting on horses. The gambling industry is also booming in the country, albeit in an illegal manner. Thailand is the only country will no legal aspect of gambling, while the industry is quite vibrant in other ASEAN countries like Indonesia and Brunei.

Many believe that several proposals have been laid for approval of gambling in the industry, but they have been rejected on the grounds that there is no place for such activity in the country that follows the principles of Buddhism.

The country is striving hard to boost its economy from the aftermath of the pandemic, and the debate around the gambling industry is heating. The proposal and ideas of legalizing gambling have become a point of discussion in the parliament, and the chances are high that the country will soon benefit from the lucrative industry.

However, the opponents are yet not convinced by the decisions, and they have raised all sorts of concerns over it. They believe that nation should right now focus on vaccines along with means of steps to accelerate the growth of the economy.

Formation of 10-member committee

It is also said that the Prime Minister has approved the formation of a 10-member committee to probe the matter of illegal gambling. The members are advised to keep a strict check on these activities and present a report every month. The Royal Thai Police is also scrutinizing the officials in the Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi, suspected of having helped the gamblers escape in a raid.

Benefits of gambling industry

There are multiple benefits of legalizing the gambling industry since the government can collect taxes from these establishments, along with foreign investments and the potential of tourist attraction. This would contribute to a large percentage of tax revenue for the government, helping in boosting the economy.

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