The Best PDF to Word Converter with OCR Technology

I have been looking for a reliable tool that can help me convert PDF files into other formats such as image, text, and word. Finally, I came across this amazing tool called UPDF Converter, and it does the job perfectly for both Windows and Mac. This versatile tool will allow you to convert any file format into another one with ease! It embeds the advanced OCR features and enables users to convert scanned PDF into editable formats. It extracts the texts from image-based PDF with 99% accuracy.

The Introduction of UPDF Converter

Accuracy, reliability, and security are the three key facets of UPDF Converter. Using the best-in-class UPDF Converter tool, you can convert PDF in both Windows and Mac with confidence in just a few clicks.

It helped me to do the following function with ease and at scale.

  1. Convert PDF to any format you need
  2. Convert scanned PDF into editable Word or other formats
  3. Convert password-protected PDF to other formats
  4. Get rid of the headache of managing different file formats with one tool
  5. Fast and secured PDF Converter

An experienced, specialized development team developed the UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac at Superace Software. Additionally, the team developed a highly rated Office and Personal productivity tools suite.

UPDF Converter has been a true lifesaver for me in the past. I have struggled with PDF Converters, but UPDF PDF Converter matches my expectations. From my experience, the conversion output from UPDF Converter is highly accurate and of high quality. In addition, I received pro-quality encryption to protect my confidential and private data, among other benefits.

Also, if you want to secure PDF documents fully, look beyond online converters. A locally installed PDF converter, especially from a respected vendor like UPDF, offers more than just conversion capabilities. It also provides various data security options, such as a safe, protected execution environment and certificate and password encryption. In addition, online tools pose a risk of information leaks, which makes offline PDF converter software like UPDF more suitable for confidential or sensitive files.

Features of this Powerful PDF Converter

  1. Convert PDF to many editable formats:
    A wide variety of editable formats can be created with UPDF such as-
  • Word, Excel, PPT, Images (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF) 
  • Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities and language support
    • UPDF converts scanned PDFs into editable formats and support 23 major languages using its OCR capabilities. UPDF’s advanced OCR feature lets you convert scanned images and PDFs into searchable, editable text.
  • Conversion of password-protected PDF to editable formats:
    • The UPDF tool also produces editable PDF documents from password-protected PDFs. UPDF is a solid choice if you need to edit a previously locked PDF or share your document with people on your team.

The Pros of UPDF Converter to Make it Outstanding

  1. Batch conversion:
  • The UPDF Converter allows you to add multiple files to the queue and convert them in one click.
  1. Accurate conversion
  • UPDF offers high conversion accuracy, editable formats, and multilingual support, making this versatile Converter a wonderful tool for any user.
  1. Formats consistency
  • Who does not want consistency and dependability in a tool?

Compared to the original file, UPDF’s conversion output is the same or even better in quality. After converting, it is unlikely that you will need to make any manual corrections.

You’ll find UPDF to be a reliable and easy-to-use free PDF converter. It is easy to convert files with UPDF without losing any formatting or data.
UPDF Converter is very convenient because it provides everything you need to accomplish your task effectively. So, no more clutter downloading multiple PDF Converters for your needs. Instead, you just need this one!

Also, once when I had a query related to the tool, I got excellent and timely from their friendly customer support team at UPDF.

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