The controversial but effective halo

In many motor sports like Formula 1, the driver’s head is completely exposed to the environment. Sure, he is protected by his helmet, however, as it was in the tragic case of Ayrton Senna, sometimes the helmet is not enough protection. A secure betting site in Kenya is 1xBet, and among its countless features, it offers excellent wagering chances on Formula 1.

After the fatal accident suffered by Jules Bianchi, the FIA decided to introduce a new safety system to avoid repeating situations like this. The result of this idea is the halo, which is a device that is currently used in disciplines like:

  • Formula 1;
  • Formula 2;
  • Formula 3;
  • Formula Regional;
  • and Formula E.

The excellent and secure betting site 1xBet Kenya is a great place in which punters can wager on all these disciplines. The halo has saved many drivers from catastrophic injuries or even death after its introduction. For this reason, it can be seen as a fantastic innovation.

Not liked by everybody

The most important purpose of the halo is to serve as a safety device. However, many people still don’t get used to it due to the fact that it looks “ugly” to some fans. All the disciplines where this device is used can be used through the wagering platform.

Yet, according to different studies, the halo can really increase the chances of survival of drivers who suffer serious crashes. Well-remembered is the case of Romain Grosjean, who survived a horrific crash without serious injuries. It is fair to attribute this positive outcome to the use of this device. All Formula 1 Grand Prix events can be highly thrilling, and 1xBet is definitely the best place to wager on them.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have been the most competitive Formula 1 drivers from recent years. In another chapter of their rivalry, the halo was the protagonist. This happened in the 2021 edition of the Italian Grand Prix. Here both of them had a collision. After the crash, Verstappen’s car became briefly airborne, and one of its wheels landed over Hamilton’s cockpit. The 1xBet app iOS for iPhone is the best mobile software to wager whenever these two drivers compete against each other.

Without the halo, the wheel of Verstappen’s car would have landed directly over Hamilton’s head. Thankfully, the wheel landed in this safety device instead. Hamilton himself attributed being unharmed after this incident thanks to the halo. The 1xBet app for iPhone is an excellent software to wager on Formula 1 from iOS operating devices.


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